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Celplast Metallized Products introduces new top-coated metallized PET film

Celplast Metallized Products is ready to go to market with its revolutionary DURAMET top-coated metallized PET film. 

It brings a lower cost, lower carbon footprint alternative to foil in the high barrier flexible packaging market.  In head-to-head tests with 4-ply PET/foil/nylon/CPP adhesive laminates, 3-ply PET/DURAMET/CPP adhesive laminates have achieved similar barrier and bond results to the 4-ply foil structure.  This is also the case when comparing 4-ply PET/foil/PET/LDPE to 3-ply PET/DURAMET/LDPE adhesive laminates.  These results have been proven out on different laminators with several commercially available adhesive systems.  Below figure shows barrier results of a 3-ply DURAMET laminate versus barrier values in a 4-ply foil structure.

DURAMET meets FDA food contact requirements for use with all food types under Condition of Use E.  It also complies with relevant requirements of the Swiss Chemicals Ordinance SR 813.11 (ChemO) and European Regulation No. 10/2011 for food contact.  With the imminent commissioning of the world’s first large-scale 2.45 m wide Metacoat top-coating and metallizing process, Celplast is ready to partner with converters to make their next-generation laminates with DURAMET a commercial success.

Celplast Metallized Products is an innovative manufacturer of high barrier metallized films.  We give our customers the opportunity to succeed by nurturing a highly educated and self-directed workforce, living our credo of caring about people, and trusting in each other.  Celplast is a privately held company that has been providing the converting industry’s best customer service to a global market for over 33 years.