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CCL Label develops new stretch sleeve for bottle-to-bottle recycling

Austria-based CCL Label Völkermarkt has developed a new Super Stretch Sleeve, Triple S, which will open up new possibilities and support a sustainable recycling process.

The construction of the material makes an optimal recycling process possible and its elasticity, coupled with stretchable inks developed for the application specifically, allows sleeve application to individually designed and shaped containers.

CCL Label claims that the material for bottle-to-bottle recycling is a cost-effective solution for contoured containers of premium brands.

Key advantages of the material, which is ideal for squeezable bottles, include 50% less material than a comparable shrink sleeve and up to 50% cost saving.

The material also enables clean separation from PET flakes.

An independent authority has been authorized by the Technical Committee of European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) to assess the effect of the new Triple S, Super Stretch Sleeve on the quality of recycled PET.

EPBP, based on the assessment’s outcome, concluded that the Triple S will have positive impact on current European PET recycling.