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CASI installs inline checkweighers at Lakey Packaging

Australia-based Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI) has installed its 921 model of automated inline checkweighers, along with the SortMaster 130LD case reject at Lakey Packaging, which was on look out for a system that could locate missing or low fill bottles.

The inline checkweighers can consistently checkweigh items to five grams and help to ensure that the number of missing products is reduced, reported.

According to the company, the checkweigh manager set-up screen is used by the operators to select the recipes being run; once selected the recipe is loaded onto the system by an operator.

The recipe travels along the conveyers until it reaches the weigh zone, where the scale is raised up under the product and its weight is measured by the checkweighers.

The SortMasrer130 pusher divert will reject any product that the checkweighers measure as being outside the upper or lower control limits.