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Cascades EVOK expands into US

Cascades, a leader in the recycling and manufacturing of green packaging and tissue paper products, has announced the arrival of Cascades EVOK on the American market.

These are the first polystyrene foam trays which contains a minimum of 25% recycled content and 100% manufactured in North America. When it comes to responsible consumption, EVOK is an excellent option, it's an economically and environmentally viable packaging. EVOK, a high-quality polystyrene foam tray for a wide range of food industry applications. These trays are just as efficient as traditional polystyrene foam packaging.

Launched in Canada in 2013, EVOK is now also manufactured in the United Statesin order to respond to the needs of numerous businesses eager to reduce their environmental impact. In fact, with a content of 25% recycled material, the greenhouse gas emissions of EVOK made in the United States is reduced by 15% to 20% compared to regular polystyrene foam.

By replacing its regular polystyrene foam trays with EVOK, Cascades will be able to lower its carbon footprint by an equivalent of 750 metric tons of CO2 annually, which is equivalent to more than 270,000 round trips to the grocery store in an average-size vehicle, which all of their clients will benefit from. Low risk, high environmental benefit without additional costs to operations.

EVOK trays are used for the packaging of food products such as meat, poultry, fish and seafood, as well as fruits and vegetables. This innovation by Cascades is one of many that subscribe to the objective of reducing environmental impacts.

"This announcement reinforces our leadership position as a manufacturer of environmentally friendly packaging for fresh food and our dedication to being a solution provider of choice for our clients," states Mr. Luc Langevin, President and Chief Operating Officer of Cascades' Specialty Products Group.