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Bronco Wine adopts PET bottles from Amcor

Bronco Wine in the US has adopted the new lightweight polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles from Amcor Rigid Plastics for its single serve, 187ml wine category. Recently, Bronco made a major packaging switch from glass to further enter the retail and airline markets.

Bronco Wine president Fred Franzia said wine packaged in PET bottles can be sold at parks, concerts and other outdoor venues while airlines are also drawn to the lightweight and sustainability benefits.

"We’ve added customers in the on-sale (restaurants, bars) and off-sale (retail) segments plus increased sales with our airline customers," Franzia added.

PET containers are 100% recyclable and are one-sixth the weight of glass bottles, unbreakable and less wasteful. They mimic glass, provide reduced fuel consumption and a cost saving, and the aluminum screw cap bottle’s portability provides an entrée into venues that do not allow glass because of the potential for breakage.

The co-packer for several national wineries, Bronco has invested in new filling equipment for 187ml and is also considering contract filling for others who look to expand into the growing package size.

Germany-based KHS Plasmax has developed a barrier coating technology for the 187ml PET container. KHS Plasmax Silicon Oxide (SiOx) barrier coating is a glass-like material, which seals the container from the inside to protect the contents from oxidation.

Plasmax, an enhanced passive barrier for oxygen sensitive products and an ultrathin material is transparent and resists cracking, abrasion and delamination and does not degrade over time nor limit the storage time for empty bottles, the company added.