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Boulder Brands introduces novel packaging

Organic food industry player Boulder Brands is unveiling a novel square package for Smart Balance buttery spreads and Earth Balance natural and organic buttery spreads.

The company believes that this will transform the way products are displayed in the dairy case and stored in the warehouse.

The conversion from round to square space-saving tubs is expected to solve one of the major issues faced by grocers with dairy products today: freeing up refrigerated shelf and warehouse space.

This move will increase shelf efficiency to increase by 50% and warehouse efficiency to increase by up to 60%, claims Boulder Brands.

Smart Balance and Earth Balance will allow grocers to put 60 units on the shelf in the same space that previously held 40 by switching from a 4.5-inch diameter round tub to a 4-inch wide square tub.

Facings will increase from 10 to 12 and rows will increase from four to five deep, helping retailers to reduce out of stocks while at the same time offering variety on the shelf.

Space savings in the warehouse is also provided with the transition to a space-saving tub, where Boulder Brands expects space efficiency increases of between 30 and 60%, depending on the item.