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Bosch subsidiary unveils new sterilizer for pharma applications

Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik (SBM), a subsidiary of Bosch Packaging Technology has unveiled the new sterilizer ADV for vacuum sterilization of porous loads, as well as for sterilization of liquids according to the steam/air mixture process.

The Austria-based company said the combination of both processes on one machine offers flexibility. The sterilizer can be used for almost any product and also fits well for the development of new products.

SBM general manager Alfred Kaliwoda said the company’s systems achieve an availability of up to 99.9% for the sterilization of single-use contact lenses.

"With the sterilizer ADV, we combine our core competencies in an especially flexible and versatile machine which ensures high availability and process security," Kaliwoda added.

The ADV unites equipment sterilization through vacuum process with product sterilization through steam/air mixture process, which is used for the sterilization of liquids in open, semi-closed and closed containers and is characterized by dry removal of the containers from the sterilizer.

Developed for research institutes and laboratories, as well as for the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries, the ADV sterilizes goods packed in blisters, machine parts, contact lenses, blood bag systems and nested glass syringes, ampoules and vials and glass or plastic bottles.