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Borouge launches RG468MO packaging resin

Plastic solutions provider, Borouge has launched a polypropylene (PP) random copolymer, RG468MO offering up to a 20% productivity gain for the rigid packaging converting industry.

The new resin is developed using proprietary Borealis Nucleation Technology (BNT) and provides for the fast moulding of thin wall packaging with long flow lengths and complex geometries.

BNT enables the consistent dispersion of the nucleating agent and a stronger effect, resulting in the better crystallisation of PP, which allows for a reduction in cycle time of between 10-20%.

The benefits of the technology include increased material stiffness, with good balance of impact resistance, and the possibility to down gauge wall thicknesses to achieve material and weight savings.

The potential productivity gains offered by RG468MO include 10% reduction in cycle time, with the possibility to produce more than one million more cups per year compared to a commonly used alternative material.

Borouge application marketing manager James Ong said RG468MO PP aids sustainability across the packaging value chain by reducing energy savings up to 10% and lowering of CO2 emissions by about 4 tonnes per year. It also offers an environmentally friendly packaging solution.

RG468MO PP imparts no taste or odour and complies with all food contact regulations. It is ideally suited for the packaging of salads, sauces, dairy products and convenience meals, as well as transparent packaging for house wares, food storage containers, caps and closures.