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BASF launches new anionic agent for packaging applications

German chemical company BASF has announced the launch of its new surface sizing agent (PSA) Basoplast 450 P for the packaging segment, which enables papermakers to improve on sizing costs considerably.

Suitable for linerboard grades, Basoplast 450 P can be used in place of cationic PSA in packaging and allows paper manufacturers to adjust the desired coloration in the surface with direct dyes.

According to BASF, direct dyes are sourced from the company’s plant in Ankleshwar, India. The new PSA Basoplast 450 P agent exhibits no foaming tendency or sensitivity to pH or starch type.

BASF Paper Chemicals Europe marketing vice president Dr Frank Höfer said the development also required cross-divisional support through the know-how and production Verbund of BASF, especially the Petrochemicals Division.

"We recently had various mill trials throughout Europe and in consequence are able to promptly launch the product in the market," Höfer said.

The agent, which can be used in both size or film-press has also received food contact approval (BfR XXXVI, FDA 176.170, 176.180).