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Badger Plug adds new location for recycling packaging components

Badger Plug Company has added Newport, Indiana to the list of locations within the framework of a program for accepting and recycling packaging components, which were earlier used in shipping and storage of roll products.

Badger Plug national sales manager Tom Duffy said the company’s aim is to accept quality components that could be resold at lower prices, reported

"We inspect, or remanufacture if needed, every item before being approved for resale. Those components can then be purchased at a reduced cost, saving our customers money while helping protect the environment. That’s a win-win for everyone." Duffy added.

Badger Plug, which initially started recycling roll products in 1984, has produced a lot of environmentally-friendly packaging components such as wood and plastic core plugs, roll suspension components and endboards, since it started operations.

The company’s clients gradually learnt as to exactly which compnonents could be recycled though the industry desired to pull these products out of the waste stream and send them back into a recycling venue.