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B3 adopts glass airless packaging

B3 - Biogenese Beauty Balance has selected Italy-based Lumson to manufacture the packaging for its anti-ageing range using its TAG system, which is the first airless system produced with a glass bottle.

Lumson said the TAG System combines the aesthetics and practicality of a glass bottle with all the technical and functional advantages of an airless system, such as total product protection, no product waste and controlled dosage.

The new packaging allows the consumer, after usage, to unscrew the pump easily separating all plastic components from the glass bottle. This allow recycling process of the two separated materials such as plastic and glass.

The bottles have been enhanced with a special decoration by Lumson called "Glass Enhancer", which is a spray colouring in the inside of the glass bottle. B3 chose a white spray colouring in the inside of the bottle that with a grey screen printing on top as well as a silver UV metalised pump.

Lumson said the packaging have been created with no parabens or paraffin, and 98% of ingredients come from natural sources.