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Avery Dennison launches new meat packaging technology

US-based Avery Dennison has launched its new multi-functional Flexis Oxygen Valve, which permits item-level oxygenation of beef and pork.

The Flexis Oxygen Valve method to oxygenate meat will be offered in individual trays, each covered with a clear high-barrier lidding film equipped with the two-part valve.

The valve’s upper layer, which functions as an integral part of the protective lidding film, can be clear or printed. The layer when peeled away, reveals a second, permeable layer that permits the entry of oxygen.

The company said that when the valve’s upper portion is removed, few days later, the meat will then bloom into that robust red colour that attracts consumer attention in the retail environment.

The new product will allow packages of meat to be oxygenated one at a time, allowing the flexibility to pick for the display case any number of packages that arrived in a shipment.

The Flexis Oxygen Valve method of oxygenating meat also helps facilitate packaging materials savings over alternative methods of packaging meat, such as the use of a mother bag. The mother bag and an oxygen scavenger are eliminated with the Flexis valve method.

Avery said the new technology will allow meat processors to save the amount of gas used when flushing individual packages verses a large mother bag.

Packages equipped with Flexis Oxygen Valves are shipped in cartons, not in bags, so that more of the product can be stored on a cube and evenly distributed which can help reduce shipping expenses.