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Australian Greens to unveil new labeling system for food

Greens in Australia has announced plans to launch a new labeling system for food and produce to help shoppers select the country-grown fruit and vegetables and other local produce.

In order to create ‘Made of Australian ingredients’ and ‘Grown in Australia’ labels, a new private members’ bill will be introduced to Parliament and the current claim for food ‘Made in Australia’ will be dumped.

Under the proposed laws, the ‘Made of Australian Ingredients’ label would require at least 90% of all ingredients to be Australian and a ‘Grown in Australia’ label states that the produce need to be grown within the country completely.

Supermarket Woolworths said the company already goes above and beyond government regulations by not only including labels for Australian made, but also local area branding.

"We have country of origin labelling and, even in some areas, we have locally produced labelling, so we can point out which food comes from Tasmania, for example," Woolworths added.