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Arava introduces new line of packaging for strawberries

Israel-based export company Arava has introduced a new line of packaging of strawberries in the Gaza Strip.

Arava spokesperson Omer Kamp said the company has tested the fields with ZERO tolerance with all certified growers and all came out clean in MRL tests, according to

"It is essential to point out that many efforts were given for this season to succeed. Aside from the technical issues, the growers and Arava are fully committed to show the benefits of mutual cooperation and how it could make a difference in perceptions ," Kamp said.

Arava export growers had taken upon itself the task of branding the 2012 yield by bettering the sorting process for consistency and quality.

In addition, Arava is also introducing a new line of packaging that includes black boxes, designed punnets and attractive stickers.

According to the company, the fruit is currently available in 10×250 packaging in Fruit World NL, Total Produce Ireland, Pacific Produce UK, and Garden Frutta Italy.