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AR Metallizing introduces new recyclable paperboard laminate

AR Metallizing has introduced a new metallized paperboard laminate, which is made of low-grade (recycled) board laminated to a 53gsm thick metallized paper.

The smoothness of the paper will cover the low surface quality of the board, and downgrading its quality is expected to result in cost savings considerably.

With the new paperboard laminate, there is no landfill waste or CO2 generation, and each kg of non re-pulpable waste generated by metallized PET will result in 1.15kg CO2 after incineration.

The laminate will also allow converters to increase efficiency in their production lines when running it. Its use also results in a reduction in the glue curing time, a savings on oven energy.

According to the company, another advantage of the laminate is that the same sustainable technology applies to the HoloPRISM holographic metallized paperboard.