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Anti-bag activists deplored for inappropriate moves

The Plastics 2020 Challenge, along with PlasticsEurope, has condemned the anti-bag campaigners in Northern Ireland for what they claim are frightening tactics.

Plastics 2020 Challenge includes the British Plastics Federation, Britain’s Packaging and Films Association and PlasticsEurope.

The anti-bag activists are pushing the global issue of marine litter to divert attention from the resource efficiency properties of plastic carrier bags, said their opponents.

PlasticsEurope said a bag levy is not a solution to poor waste management, a lack of waste bins and irresponsible behavior.

Suggesting marine wildlife is under global threat from plastic carrier bags is a PR move, according to Packaging and Films Association (PAFA).

British Plastics Federation public and industrial affairs director Philip Law said plastic bags are better than alternatives from a functional, environmental and hygienic point of view.

"Authoritative and independent studies back this up," Law added.