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Antalis Packaging announces availability of bubble wrap solution

Antalis Packaging is helping retailers expand their brand with bubble wrap innovation.

The company said Sealed Air Bubble Wrap IB Expressions, a bubble wrap solution with a difference, is now available through Antalis Packaging.

The Expressions range is an on-demand inflatable cushioning solution that is claimed to offer 30% better protection than other bubble of the similar size and can be customised to emphasize any brand proposition.

Besides the creative possibilities, the Expressions range, according to Antalis, is that it is a practical product. Its clever construction can reduce the need for excessive wraps and void fill, which translates into less waste.

It can inflate on site using lightweight, responsible packaging material thereby reducing shipping transportation impacts incurred by the conventional packaging materials.

Antalis packaging product manager Scott Tuckey said: “The retail packaging category has evolved dramatically in recent years in line with the advent of e-commerce. After with more and more customers purchasing online rather than physically going into a store, the package is typically their first tangible experience of a brand – and it can make a lasting impression.

Scott continued saying: “Combining a real fun factor with a raft of practical benefits, Expressions is the ultimate choice for retailers looking to delight and surprise customers – all while providing an unparalleled level of protection.”

This new product is claimed to come from a research that reveals that packaging is the most important part of brand mix. 68% of shoppers are more aware of packaging than five years ago and 76% say that packaging impacts their retailer perception.

The study also found that 87% of shoppers would more than likely do business with a retailer again if they had a positive online purchase and delivery.