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Amcor develops recyclable PET bottle for US beverage company

Amcor Rigid Plastics has developed an 18oz tea leaf sculpted polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle for the US-based Crystal Geyser Water’s Tejava Premium Iced Tea.

The container will allow Crystal Geyser to penetrate the on-the-go consumer market while also expanding its national footprint, and is claimed to extend the product offering beyond its 1l and 12oz glass packaging.

According to Amcor, the new package design integrates a life size tea leaf motif with three-dimensional qualities into the bottle’s shape.

Amcor director of industrial design Mike Enayah said the bottle design delivers a container with good shelf appeal.

"Ultimately, the bottle’s highly attractive and eye-catching shelf appeal motivates consumers to want to hold the container," Enayah added.

Seven software systems adapted from the gaming, animation, movie, and automotive industries were used by Amcor to complete the project.

The concept of the bottle was to give the illusion of ‘holding a bundle of tea leaves.’ To create the bottle Amcor’s advanced engineering team performed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modeling that would be functional in the real world.

The company also employed its PowerFlex technology, which features a panel-less design that takes hot fill bottle options to a new level.

Crystal Geyser’s new bottles will be nationally distributed from June at more than 7,000 CVS Drug Stores.

The lightweight single-serve PET bottles are said to be unbreakable, less wasteful as well as recyclable and also result in reduced transportation costs and other supply chain efficiencies.

The beverage company also uses PET bottles for its 18oz and 1.25l sparkling mineral water products, Amcor said.