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Alpro to use sustainable labeling mark on soy drinks packs

Grocery brand in the UK Alpro will use the ProTerra Certification trustmark on all its Soy drinks packs from June 2013, to demonstrate to consumers that the soy used in its drinks is Non-GM (genetically modified) and sourced sustainably.


Alpro collaborates with its suppliers to develop a control system, which ensures that each link in the production line and each individual lot of soybeans is traceable and identifiable from farmer to store shelf, to verify that its products are GM-free.

The whole supply chain from seed until finished product, which has a strict quality assurance and control system, is audited and certified by Cert ID Europe, an independent international body, against the ProTerra Certification standard.

ProTerra certification also shows that the rights of workers and indigenous people have been protected.

Richard Werran from Cert ID Europe said this is the first time that a non-GM and sustainability ‘trustmark’ has been authorized in the UK, although the labeling on pack is already common in some European countries.

"The ProTerra Certification Trustmark gives consumers assurance that the soy beans used for Alpro products are of the highest standard and their provenance from the farm to the chiller cabinet carefully regulated," Werran added.

Made from soybeans from farmers who do not use GM, Alpro products are said to be GM-free.


Image: ProTerra Certification trustmark on Alpro soy drinks pack