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Allied unveils new glass packaging

Allied has revitalising traditional brands with new glass packaging.

The Irish whiskey industry is undergoing a remarkable revival, the enthusiasm and popularity of the spirit being the catalyst for the launch of a raft of inspirational brands, one of which is the unique Gelston’s Old Irish Whiskey.

Back in 1830, in the thriving city of Belfast, Samuel Gelston founded his wine and spirits business.It prospered and Samuel launched his own Irish whiskey brand, Gelston’s Old Irish which became a very popular tipple.On Samuel’s death in 1869, Harry J Neill purchased the business and continued to grow the brand across Ireland, Scotland and in markets overseas.  At his death, the business was passed to his sons. 

Ultimately, with the steady decline of the Irish whiskey market over the following decades due to famine, war and of course prohibition, the business finally came to an end in 1949.

However, now five generations later, the whiskey has been resurrected and revitalised with a stunning new bottle design, which by using cues from the brand’s original design iconography and identity conveys the classic and premium nature of the reincarnated spirit.  Manufactured in Extra White Flint glass, the bottle is a heavy book shape and liberally uses bold yet intricate embossing, this reinforcing the unique branding whilst giving the bottle a very tactile feel.