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Allied Glass unveils new bottle for Fire Edition

Following the successful release of the highly acclaimed Highland Park Ice Edition whisky, the Edrington Group has launched the complementary Fire Edition in a beautiful crimson red glass bottle manufactured and decorated by Allied Glass.

Paying homage to Norse mythology, The Highland Park Fire Edition calls into focus the mythical fire, destruction and rebirth of the new world, hence the bespoke red glass colour which was chosen to represent the fierce, hot and molten world of the Fire Giants from Viking mythology.

Surtr was an evil Fire Giant who ruled the Fire Realm. He would sit at the edge of the kingdom, defending the land by holding a burning sword, which shone brighter and hotter than the sun. The culmination of these tales is an apocalyptic battle between the Gods and the Giants. Surtr led the sons of Muspell across the bridge of Bifrost, burning everything in sight at Asgard, realm of the Gods, and destroying the world at Ragnarok, heralded as ‘The doom of the Gods.’ The world perished in a blazing and burnishing ball of flames and from the ashes, a new earth was recreated.

Presented in a black wooden cradle shaped like a mountain, a limited edition of 28,000 bottles are to be available for sale.