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AGC Chemicals introduces new fluoropolymer for food contact paper applications

AGC Chemicals, a subsidiary of Asahi Glass, has introduced the new AG-E070 to its line of AsahiGuard E-SERIES fluoropolymers for sizing in food contact paper, paperboard and pulp molding applications.


The product has been designed to add better oil, grease and water resistance properties in paper products including fast-food wrappers, bags for microwave popcorn, pet food packaging and pulp-molded products such as clamshells, bowls, sectioned trays and plates.

Approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for food contact paper applications, AG-E070 eliminates the processing and performance problems associated with many commonly used paper-sizing chemistries.

According to the company, AsahiGuard AG-E070 is a broad-spectrum, water-based cationic fluoropolymer based on C6 chemistry.

The new fluoropolymer, which is PFOA-free at or above detection limits and has no VOCs and APEO, features high application efficiency that requires less product to achieve results.

AGC Chemicals claims that AG-E070, which can be applied on recyclable and compostable paper products, avoids the usage of any additional water size additives and is suitable for internal and external sizing.

AG-E070 is said to produce fewer deposits on processing equipment during paper manufacturing. It also creates little foam and will not react with oxidized starch or other coating chemicals.

The company’s new AG-E070 has received certification from Food Sanitation Law in Japan and BfR in the EU, and is compliant with JCSCL, TSCA and REACH.

AGC Chemicals technical service engineer Mike Sanche said the new AG-E070 provides consistent performance and process repeatability.

"And AGC’s acclaimed technical support is available to help paper makers use these products safely and correctly in virtually any application," added Sanche.


Image: AGC Chemicals’ new fluoropolymer AG-E070 for food contact paper applications