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Afa launches new dispensing technology

Afa Dispensing Group (Afa), the Netherlands-based technology giant has launched its new environmental-friendly, air-based dispensing solution, Flairosol, which the company claims, bridges the performance gap between trigger sprayers and traditional aerosol cans.

Flairosol is based on the company’s proprietary Flair technology platform and consists of a reusable dispensing head and an all-plastic bag-in-bottle container.

Afa said the technology works by bringing a small, metered amount of the liquid under pressure at the moment of use, releasing a consistent and fine mist-like spray.

Flairosol provides safer, non-pressurized packaging as no propellant gases are used. The absence of propellant gases significantly simplifies the filling process and supply chain, resulting in the reduction of related costs.

Afa Dispensing executive VP – business development Dennis Stevens said Group Flairosol is especially interesting for those product applications under pressure due to increased regulations on aerosol packaging.

Flairosol is suited for a variety of B2B and consumer applications – from household chemicals to industrial applications and personal care products. Available in volumes from about 150ml to 1l, it offers a spray performance comparable to that of aerosol cans.