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ADM, CIC and Chemanex partner to produce food packaging polymers

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), input and technology supplier CIC and chemical manufacturer Chemanex have joined forces to produce food packaging polymers.

The companies have formed a new joint venture (JV), Chemcel that will construct and operate a processing facility near Colombo in Sri Lanka. The plant will manufacture bio-based superabsorbent polymers.

Majority of the JV will be owned by ADM, which will market the plant’s production of the company’s BioSAP-brand superabsorbents.

Produced at the new plant, the BioSAP polymers will be derived from starches obtained from agricultural feedstocks.

ADM Sweeteners and Starches president Chris Cuddy said the marketplace is keen for renewable alternatives to petroleum-based superabsorbents.

"The participants in this joint venture have considerable experience developing, manufacturing and marketing renewable chemicals from agricultural sources, so we’re optimistic about the value our collaboration will create for our customers," Cuddy added.

Superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) are traditionally produced from petroleum derivatives.

According to the food processing company ADM, the polymers are also used in personal-care products as well as various industrial applications.