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Matthew Rogerson writes: There is a great feeling of expectation around the world as more then 900 million of us in more than 200 countries prepare for the World Cup in Brazil.

There is a great feeling of expectation around the world as more then 900 million of us in more than 200 countries prepare for the World Cup in Brazil.In spite of doomsday predictions of half-built stadiums and the more real spectre of violence in the major cities, this should not diminish the agony and the ecstasy that is national football. Across the world armchair coaches are able to wax poetic about how the team should be set up in order to provide the best balance of style, substance and winning.

This brings me to the central topic for Packaging Today which is resource efficiency. It is described in the feature with Stefan
Glimm I will come back to later, but I believe it best sums up the positive attitude of the packaging industry to addressing some of the
big questions being asked of it. These include topics such as light weighting, and how to get the best quality package for the least amount of material needed; end of life analysis to look at how best to reclaim, recycle or dispose of packaging once it has completed its role; as well as sustainable development to innovate how it is developed, processed and shaped.

Resource efficiency is not simply a defensive or negative action though: it encompasses taking a holistic view of the entire manufacturing cycle in order to provide the best product possible. For example, in the food industry a recent study showed that canned tomatoes have more lycopene, which is associated with reducing cancer risk, and more B vitamins than fresh tomatoes. The addition of packaging can reduce the waste in materials or leftover food, and through incremental changes like this it’s possible very quickly to address the 42% food waste worldwide.

Resource efficiency is prevalent throughout this edition of Packaging Today. It was a theme in Interpack which is reviewed in this
edition. It is discussed in an interview with Stefan Glimm of the Flexible Packaging Europe association in which he discusses the
current state of the market and its opportunities for further growth and improvement. In confectionery packaging we have an overview from Cloetta on the market as well as from CAOBISCO on EU wide updates in 2014. For package printing HP have worked with their customers on case studies to highlight trends, improvements and future thoughts. Further, there are interviews: one with Marcus Kramer, president of dispersion and pigments for BASF and second from Alison Church of easyFairs.

Our final articles are a brief overview from SC Johnson on waste management updates as they continue to reduce their manufacturing footprint. We also have a brief article from HAVI to talk about holistic packaging design and what it means to packaging development executives.

Matthew Rogerson
Chief Editor