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Industrial Insulated and Refrigerated Packaging

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Harmonistaion of Reference

By Sofrigam

A major pharmaceutical laboratory was seeking to harmonise the references of refrigerated boxes used by its different sites all over the world for varying products and varying purposes.

The objectives of this operation were to:

  • Reduce the number of references used by its sites across the world
  • Simplify the procedures and operative methods of use
  • Optimise (maximise) the load rates in the shipments
  • Reduce costs (logistics and purchases)

The solutions sought must meet the requirements relative to the products and the logistical constraints, thus enabling safety, simplicity and resistance to impacts.

The key elements of the specifications were:

  • The boxes had to be capable of shipping various product references of different sizes
  • Two temperature ranges +2/+8°C and +2/+25°C
  • Two durations: 48 hours and 96 hours
  • Two temperature profiles for each duration (hot profile and cold profile)
  • Optimise the volumes shipped, whatever the product sent

Solution Sofrigam

The study conducted by the engineers of the Sofrigam engineering office made it possible to define four references of refrigerated boxes, three “Sofriboxes” and one “Frizbox”, for each temperature range.

S: Small model
M: Medium model
L: Large model
XXL: Pallet Shipper

Each reference comprised an isothermal box in polyurethane panels, cardboard overwrapping and “Rigid Snowgam” eutectic briquettes.


All these solutions were tested and qualified by the ISTA certified metrology laboratory, for the temperature profiles and the specified load rates, in accordance with a protocol signed by the client.

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