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More news updates from manufacturers and suppliers of slitting rewinding equipment

New York-based Gintzler Graphics has installed a 330mm wide Flytec 2010 slitter inspection rewinder from AB Graphic International. The full specification machine will be used to convert and inspect high quality labels for the demanding pharmaceutical market. Gintzler CEO Bryan Scheible comments: “We wanted to enhance the level of service to our critical care clients. The market we serve demands perfection and we wanted to have the latest technology. We needed a platform that could interface with Domino inkjet for serialisation during final inspection.” Key elements of Gintzler’s Flytec 2010 include bi-directional unwind/rewind, and FleyeVision 100% print face inspection with a 4096 pixel, greyscale camera capable of detecting defects down to 0.03mm² at speeds up to 120m/min. Labels with static and dynamic 1D and 2D barcodes can be checked to ANSI standards. The system also permits labels to be compared against prepress created PDF files, as well as taught to read the ‘golden image’ data. Equipped with a pharma control module, the machine is designed to meet high USA legislative requirements for pharmaceutical labels, and records all operator access and parameters carried out per job, producing all validation documents including IQ, OQ and PQ.

The FlyCut slitting control unit supplied with the system for Gintzler Graphics includes a camera that checks web edge matrix movement and controls the unit to prevent inadvertent damage to labels.

Having used a Daco DSI plain label converter since 2007, UK label manufacturer A&E Supplies needed to increase the efficiency of its plain label division further. The solution came in the form of a Daco Combi turret rewinder. “Having looked at turret rewinders in the past we felt they did not suit the type of work that we produce,” explains Andrew Hurford, MD of Denton-based A&E. “We produce large rolls on our Edale Beta flexo press and need to finish them efficiently offline; we currently rewind them on an inspection slitter rewinder. The Combi’s turret rewinder has its own built-in unwind and slitting. It can be placed on the end of a label press or run offline, enabling us to choose which is the most efficient and cost-effective for the job. Previously, we would have had to choose an inline or offline turret and would not have had the flexibility. Inline turrets often slow down the press when running small mandrels, but with the Combi we have the option of running either inline or offline.”

He continues: “The Combi’s unique features fitted in with the type of work and processes we have. For the production of 5-inch diameter rolls for thermal transfer printers, we can put it on the end of our DSI blank label converter. This significantly reduces the downtime created when attaching the web to new cores at each cycle end, as this is now fully automatic and the finishing on the end of the Edale Beta or finishing offline reduces time spent on the inspection rewinder.”

Euromac recently upgraded its TA automatic blade positioning system. This allows rapid positioning of blades and counterblades from the main console, enabling the operator to avoid any manual operation on the slitting unit which is not regular work or maintenance. The TA system includes two independent positioners mounted on linear guides and driven by brushless motors with position reference using linear encoder. Blades and counterblades can be positioned with the web still in the machine. In addition to positioning of each blade from a slitting width of 20mm upwards, it is possible to give an offset to each blade, to compensate for mechanical play, for example, due to different sharpening of the blades.

Euromac’s Rangefinding blade positioning system allows the operator to position blades quickly and precisely to within 0.1mm. The Rangefinding system is best used in combination with air-driven single knives on linear guides, and with multiple grooved knives mounted on air expanding (counterknife) shaft. This device can be supplied for most knife brands from a minimum slitting width of 19mm.

Mondon has specially designed and built a high speed automatic rewinder for short rolls (four 15m length rolls/min) to meet a customer’s “very precise” requirements. The fully automated machine, which is connected to a palletising line, features a patented system for transfer of the web onto a new core without either glue or adhesive tape.

Michael Leidgschwendner (left), managing director of AB Graphic International, Germany, with Bryan Scheible, CEO of Gintzler Graphics Gintzler

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