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PISEC 05, the international conference and exhibition for the brand protection, product authentication, document security and RFID industries, runs at the Hilton Vienna, Austria, on April 18-20

The increasing threat of counterfeiting, forgery and product piracy, and the rapid pace of change calls for a more pro-active approach – and those facing the threats within the supply chain are constantly looking to develop technology to create innovative solutions. PISEC 05 will present new solutions to these problems; offer information about the latest product and image security technologies; and provide a chance to assess the opportunities for technology transfer. Organized by the Tarsus Group and supported by The Product and Image Security Foundation, the event will feature more than 35 “top level” speakers – and present the winners of the PISEC Industry Awards.

The conference will focus on various key themes, including: Positive Product Protection; Methods of Managing Movement and Manufacture; Checks on Contents, Counterfeiting and Covert Cover; RFID Technology and Solutions Today; Clamping Down on Fraud; and Preventing Piracy. Speakers include: Chris Thomas, of Barclays Bank, Rainer Lutz, from Philips, James Stafford, of Marks & Spencer, Meadwestvaco’s Thomas Grinnan, and Peter Lowe, of the Counterfeit Intelligence Bureau.

A mini exhibition will take place alongside the conference. Exhibitors include Atlantic Zeiser, CP Films, Creo, DuPont Authentication, HP Indigo, MediaSec Technologies, Paxar Brand Protection and Securikett. There will also be a repeat of last year’s ‘Meet the Brandowners’ showcase, including such leading names as Adidas, Levi Strauss, Nike, Rangers FC, Reebok, Timberland, and Umbro.

The PISEC 05 Industry Awards will be given for outstanding achievement in: Development of Authenticity Products; Tamper Evidence Innovation; Anti Forgery Technologies; Applications in RFID for Product Protection; Best Practice in Product and Brand Protection. Selected annually by the Trustees of the Product & Image Security Foundation, the awards, are determined by reviewing all published information and conference papers over the previous 12 months. The products of more than 100 companies are studied each year to determine the winners.

Conference chairman Jeremy Plimmer says: “Managing the constant change in this industry continues to be the challenge facing all participants. Threats reform almost on a weekly basis as criminals and brand pirates try to breach countermeasures. PISEC provides a unique platform through which the industry can communicate these changes and develop defenses against such threats. No other conference provides the range of cover across banking, government, manufacturing and brand protection that PISEC does.”


Day One – April 19, 2005

Problems and issues of product protection

Tom Fadrhonc, director of brand protection, Nike:

‘The effects of counterfeiting on high value added goods’

Peter Lowe, Counterfeit Intelligence Bureau:

‘Are we winning the fight against the counterfeiter?’

Peadar Duffy, director, REACT:

‘Being proactive in the fight against brand piracy – a system approach to customs, legal and enforcement issue’

Christian Menegon, Hewlett Packard:

‘The role of digital printing in the supply chain and smart packaging’

John Lovelock, Federation Against Software Theft:

‘Why we need to protect software from unauthorized copying’

Slobodan Petosevic, Petosvic bvba:

‘Intellectual property protection in Eastern Europe’

Chris Thomas, financial crime director, Barclays Bank:

‘Physical and electronic threats to product and image security’

The use of labels to prevent piracy

and add intelligence

Magnar Loken, Kezzler:

‘Using the internet as a brand protection tool’

Dr Thomas Bickl, Atlantic Zeiser:

‘Developments in brand protection systems’

Joachim Suesse, Tesa Scribos:

‘Novel authentication technologies for brand protection’

Carolyn Burns, DuPont Security & Solutions:

‘Protecting brand owners’ products with novel security features’

Nicole Golomb, Simons Druck:

‘Applying taggants to brand protection programs’

Thomas R Grinnan, Meadwestvaco:

‘Smart packaging and intelligent shelving drive item level RFID’`

Dr Russell Cowburn, Durham University:

‘Authentication on a nanoscale’

Dan Gelbart, Creo:

‘Tagging of bulk materials’

Thomas Scholler, general manager, Jura JSP GmbH:

‘Security solutions for the personalization market’

Michael Peterson, coo, Xink Laboratories:

  ‘Secure and RFID enabled interactive packaging’

Day Two – April 20, 2005

Managing Security, Manufacturing and Distribution processes

Hugues Souparis, International Hologram Manufacturers Association:

‘Holograms – security for the 21st Century’

James Stafford, Marks and Spencer:

‘RFID trials at Marks and Spencer’

Dr Marietta Ulrich, Securikett:

‘The challenge to converters – Integrating security technology’

Dr Eckhard Koch, Mediasec:

‘Discerning copies from originals with digital means’

Peter Keay, Colour Secure:

‘Product and document security using colour secure coding’

Andrew Jackson, Sherwood Technology:

‘Secure laser marking using novel colour change technology’

RFID technology and solutions today

Wolfgang Mildner, Polyic GmbH:

‘Applications for printed electronics in RFID and smart packaging’

Nadine Niestroy, TUV Rheinland:

‘Brand protection using RFID’

Thord Axelsson, cto Swedish Post

Stina Ehrensveard, Cypak:

‘Tamper prevention in packaging’

Dr Peter Bell, Cambridge Consultants:

‘Ultra wide band RFID and its applications in movement detection’

Rainer Lutz, Philips:

‘Anti counterfeiting in the fashion industry using RFID’

Trevor Crouch-Harvey, Innovision Research:

‘Near field recognition’

Clamping down against fraud

Uwe Jaspers, DataCard:

‘Tackling ID fraud on identity and travel documents’

Andrew Rink, JDS Uniphase:

‘Brand protection for consumer goods’

Frederic Zoupanos, Alpvision SA:

‘Digital protection and cryptoglyph’

Tony Port, CP Films Inc:

‘Adding security to product films and filmic overlays’

Peter Hradek, Datastrip:

‘A cost effective solution in ID and Biometric Systems’

Mustafa Koita, Identix:

‘Biometrics in border and immigration control’


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