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Packaging world heads for Düsseldorf

The international fair ground opens up for interpack from April 21 –27

The globe’s largest packaging exhibition fills halls 1 – 17 at Messe Dusseldorf this month. Opening Hours are daily 10.00 – 18.00h and entrance fee and catalogue daily admission is €55, three day pass is €120. Admission tickets include free round trip transportation to the trade fair on all VRR (Rhine-Ruhr Regional Transport Network) or VRS (Rhine-Sieg Regional Transport Network) lines.

Dienes Werke (Hall 3, stand 3G43) is presenting what it describes as a “world novelty” – the PSG-DF knifeholder with the Genius automatic slit adjustment system. An ‘operator friendly’ touch panel is said to allow easy selection of the material to be slit and the Genius “takes care of the rest”, by automatically finding the optimum adjustment.

Based on the patented Dienes PSG-DF shear cut knifeholder, the Genius offers the advantages of double axle guidance DF (vibration absorbing guiding systems), 360 degree hand protection and constant side-load CSL. It also features automatic depth adjustment (claimed to be a world first) – depending on recipe and material – as well as reproducible precision. The new knifeholder also offers an integrated knife size recognition and control facility through BUS technology (industrial standard).

According to Dienes, the benefits of the new system are a dramatic increase in knife life, lower regrind costs, constant slit quality, numeric input, “operator-independent precision”, exclusion of individual operating faults, and increased safety.

UPM’s Prime Bio kraft paper (Hall 9 Stand 9B24) has been awarded the German DIN certificate, which allows the company to use the symbol for compostable products. Prime is used for the manufacture of compostable waste bags for households.

“The Nordic countries, Austria and Holland demand that all compostable products must be DIN-certified according to EU norms. The new certificate includes all UPM Prime bio-papers,” says Per-Ole Holmnäs, business area manager for UPM Bag Papers.

The material is specially designed for bio waste bags that require high water repellence and wet strength properties. The paper can hold wet waste for up to 10 days without leaking, yet it will disintegrate within approximately 45 days after being composted, claims the company.

UPM’s one-side coated papers UPM Jamsacoat and UPM Unique have been re-introduced to the range of packaging papers. They are made at UPM’s recently modernized Jämsänkoski mill. The upgrading has resulted in higher output as well as giving papers far better printing properties, it says.

“The optical properties of UPM Jamsacoat and UPM Unique are much better. Print result is improved on a whiter and smoother paper, which means that our customers can achieve more elegant bags and wrapping,” says business area manager Heli Borgström, UPM Flex papers.

UPM has also launched a new 60g/m2 paper for two ply sack constructions. Its strength is equivalent to a 70g/m2 paper, and gives the same total weight of a sack as the papers for one ply sacks.

Glue Dots International (Hall 6 Stand 6E80) is demonstrating its new Dot Shot Pro dispenser – the system for application of dots of adhesive where and when needed. The company says this can be achieved quickly and easily with “no fumes, no fuss and no mess, burns or stress”.

Rugged, but lightweight, the ergonomically designed equipment produces pressure sensitive Glue Dots that bond instantly for almost any packaging task. They are a faster, safer alternative to hot glue and liquid adhesives, says the company.

Wipak’s Oxyshield, Biaxis, Walothen and Covexx materials include base films and sealing layers with barrier properties that extend shelf life or service life of goods, and films which can be printed and laminated with excellent results. “Our portfolio contains films which efficiently support the processing or converting process and provide the customer with additional convenience features,” says the director of the Wipak Covexx division Jürgen Karsten. One example is the high barrier film Oxyshield. (Hall 10 Stand 10A22)

Oxyshield is claimed to be a better option for film converters than coated polyester or other gas barrier films. It has an extremely low oxygen transmission rate, explains the company. The coextruded monoaxially oriented film has the comparatively high mechanical strength provided by polyamide. It is also resistant to flex cracking and is extremely resistant to puncturing. It is said to run troublefree on printing, adhesive laminating and coating machines. In addition, its smooth and transparent surface and brilliant gloss gives print designs added appeal. Appropriately treated, it can be printed using either flexo or gravure processes.

Stora Enso (Hall 9, stand 9B20/C19) has launched a web based customer interface to accompany its digital printing and packaging solutions. The interface will enable customers to design and order their own, individual packages through the internet. Combined with the ‘Stora Enso DBS powered by Xeikon’ disc packaging line, it is said to maximize the utilization of digital workflow and provide a user friendly and cost effective service. It is also compatible with digital printing and production of paperboard cups – ideal for promotions and events, for example. Another development is Cupforma AT, a special non foil paperboard for airtight cups. Its water vapour barrier is said to prevent the food content from caking and protect against loss of crispiness, mould growth and softening of texture. The oxygen barrier protects the food against rancidity, loss of vitamins, growth of microbes and oxidation of lipids.

Supreme Plastics (Hall 5, stand 5C02-1) has introduced Keyseal Advance, a series of “technically enhanced” zippers said to improve sealing performance and production efficiency on form fill seal and bag conversion machinery, allowing a wider range of products to be packed in resealable pouches.

The range includes a new hinged zipper for heavy duty performance on larger bags. This is designed to prevent contents bursting through from the inside, while retaining easy-opening properties. A new retortable zipper enables production of resealable pouches of moist foods, from fish to petfood. The closure will withstand temperatures of up to 129degC for 45min. Other zippers feature additional co-extruded sealant layers to enable different material types to be sealed together whilst reducing the sealing temperature and dwell time.


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