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High performance packaging significantly reduces both food and packaging waste. It allows our customers to sell their products and brands into global markets and has a positive impact on sustainability.

Dieter Bergner, CEO of Coveris Rigid Europe.

High performance packaging is part of our daily life at Coveris. Formed by the combination of Exopack, Britton Group, Kobusch, PACCOR and Paragon Print & Packaging, the Company is an established leader in the development, manufacturing and sourcing of flexible and rigid plastic packaging, as well as coatings solutions for various consumer and industrial end-use markets. Coveris is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance the safety, quality and convenience of products we use every day.

"Innovation is a substantial and vital part of our offering", says Dieter Bergner, CEO of Coveris Rigid Europe. "Not only is it an essential investment for the success of our customers and for Coveris but also for the reduction of food and packaging waste and the sustainability of the whole food supply chain."

Product development and innovation are key components of the Coveris Business System, a four-pronged strategy that leverages the company’s core strengths and maintains a focus on the fundamental requirements for sustained growth through Commercial Excellence, Operational Excellence, Talent & Leadership and Acquisition Integration. Driven by their keen knowledge of various end-use markets and technologies, as well as frequent engagement with their customers, the company develops innovative solutions that anticipate customer needs and exceed their expectations.

"At Coveris we break innovation down into three core areas: materials, technologies and products. Many development projects succeed by combining all three and at Coveris Rigid we have been able to build on in-house knowledge in all areas during recent years", adds Helmut Ruland, Director of Innovation & Technology at Coveris Rigid.

Coveris Rigid opened a Center for Development & Innovation ("CDI") in 2012, with the clear aim to make a difference through innovation. Three years later, the 2000m² facility built in Germany, together with its satellite office in the UK, is fully functional and employs 40 specialists. The objectives at both facilities are to:


  • Provide an extensive one-stop service from idea generation to product sampling
  • Maintain our regional footprint to ensure closeness with our customers and their markets
  • Develop customized prototypes and samples
  • Ensure flexibility and speed to market
  • Guarantee confidentiality and exceptional client service

In order to significantly reduce time to market, the CDI has been equipped with a modern mould & tool shop which produces the majority of tooling inserts in-house. Rapid prototyping technologies also add to our unique service offer. Recent product innovations and technology developments:

– Resource-saving lightweight technologies

NEOCELL: a mineral filled foamed PS or PP sheet for form-fill-seal applications such as dairy multipacks. This combines light-weight structures with new material developments. The industry’s first styrene-free sheet has already been successfully tested on different filling lines.

Injection Compression: tubs and lids which can deliver material reductions of up to 20% when compared with other packaging solutions. The technology consumes less energy and enables the reduction of machine sizes due to a lower clamping force. It also benefits tool life-time and mould maintenance.

Compression Moulding: compression-moulded caps & closures are offering the lowest weight/performance ratios, creating highly efficient production processes with low wastage. Coveris developed the lightest dairy cap on the market at 1.2 grams – available with I H S liner in either supertab or Lift and Peel variants.

– High quality branding options

DuoSmart: a "smart" packaging solution, combining the attractive appearance of paper cups with the functionality of polymers. The range offers excellent opportunities for customer branding and answers the environmental concerns with no compromise on quality and safety. Compared to regular plastic packaging, the inner cup’s weight is reduced by 50%, which presents a significant plastic reduction.

VenDuo: the continuous development of plastic vending cups, combined with a paper wrapper, for improved insulation properties, stable running through vending machines and delivering improved branding opportunities.

T-IML: the combination of thin-wall thermoforming with in-mould labelling in one production step only. This new technology has been specially developed for barrier applications with high quality printing needs, creating a product with an excellent aesthetic, long shelf-life and significantly improved costs over comparable existing technologies.

– Convenient to-go packaging solutions

Handle Pot: a PET handle container made from mono material, produced in a one-step thermoforming process, ensuring optimal rigidity, immunity against mechanical damages and allowing perfect product presentation. At the same time, the handle pots are highly convenient as fresh food can be carried easily through a hinged handle, being the first of its kind in thermoforming technology

Tri-PotTM: a range of contemporary dessert pots made from PET, consisting of three interchangeable pots, two lids and one insert, providing several combinations for perfect food presentation.

Press&Release: a compartment lid which can host liquids or other food add-ons and allows for a simple release by pushing the spike of the lid through the sealing membrane. A truly convenient solution with fun character, especially for kids.

Coveris Rigid’s innovative packaging solutions have received numerous awards including: a Packaging Oscar for T-IML in 2013; a Packaging Oscar for NEOCELL PP+ in 2014; and The New Café Product Award for our Tri-PotTM range, also in 2014.

"Our company will continue to invest in innovation, capacity and capability through our one-stop Development & Innovation Center; and we will continue to build further innovation satellites, such as our new site in Stanley, UK, as we implement our multi-technology strategy", Dieter Bergner says.


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