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Graham Harrison, international sales manager of Pamarco Global Graphics, gives an insight into two major new emerging markets

It’s an exciting time to be involved in international markets, especially in the new emerging ones such as India and Russia. Both markets are expanding rapidly and are eager to learn new processes to enable them to offer their customers top quality labels and flexible packaging.

In conjunction with exclusive distributor Genius Flexo, Pamarco launched its range of anilox rollers at the recent Indian Flexo Show in New Delhi. Vijay Pareek, managing director of Genius Flexo, who has had many years experience in dealing with the flexo industry, confirms: “We are beginning to see the Indian flexographic industry come of age. More and more customers are choosing new high quality flexo presses and it is essential we have the ability to supply these with high quality ancillary equipment. This is why I’m so happy that Pamarco has entered the market, as it has a worldwide reputation for quality and service.”

This theme is repeated throughout all developing markets. Where once they were only able to purchase secondhand machines, their home markets have developed sufficiently to enable printers to purchase new flexo presses. Having modern presses also opens the door into lucrative export markets, as their overhead and labour costs are considerably lower than those of their Western competitors.

Growth within India is also being stimulated by a lowering of import duties and the emergence of local flexo manufacturers. Perhaps the majority are not up to the recognized quality standards expected in the developed markets. Nevertheless, these manufacturers offer local flexible packaging printers an entry into the market. I would be surprised if many converters in Western markets would know that this technology is available locally in India.

Victoria Owen, Pamarco’s international sales co-ordinator, has noticed a steady increase in enquiries and orders for higher screen anilox rolls from developing countries over the past year, indicating that these markets are now producing high quality printed material.

“Up to 2005, the vast majority of enquiries from developing nations were for low to medium screen rolls,” she says. “However, over the past 18 months, I have noticed that customer specifications are for higher screen rolls both for existing machines and many more enquires for sleeves, which are to be used in conjunction with new presses.

“It is very satisfying to see a company grow from small beginnings ordering maybe one or two anilox rolls for an old CI press, to then help and support them through their growth to today, when they may well be purchasing a state of the art eight colour CI machine.”

Russia also appears an attractive market, with a growing economy fuelled by the increase in oil prices. However, I advise anyone entering it to ensure they have a highly competent distributor, as the Russian market can be complex and a difficult place to deal with directly.

Sergei Kuzin, of B2 Print, Pamarco’s exclusive distributor states: “I welcome the influx of foreign companies doing business within my country, but it is important for them to understand the ways of doing business within Russia. Our business is growing and I expect double digit growth figures for the foreseeable future as our economy continues to expand.

We will be exhibiting at this month’s Polygraphinter exhibition in Moscow (October 16-20) in partnership with Pamarco and I am expecting the show will be well attended not just by Russian customers, but also customers from the former Soviet republics.”

Pamarco currently services customers in all parts of the world from its European manufacturing centre in Warrington, UK. Although the percentage of anilox rolls sold to developed markets still outweighs those sold to developing markets, we expect this percentage to switch over the next few years as large converters invest in new manufacturing sites within the developing markets and the natural growth expected within these markets.

As I said in my introduction, it’s a very exciting time to be involved in international sales, as you see a whole industry develop from small beginnings into a modern flexible packaging/label industry.


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