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FLEXO INSIGHT: The importance of colour

by Debbie Waldron-Hoines, Executive Director, EFIA.

Plate manufacturers are faced with a new challenge, in an industry that is known for its inherent issues with dot gain, they need to create plates that can lay down high ink densities and still maintain the quality required. This is a bigger issue for shrink sleeves, which historically rely on as little ink weight as possible.

Printers need to be able to produce the colour gamut required, especially in the bright vibrant colours where unique pigments or new inks may be required. Flexography can usually produce what is required but only when the printers, suppliers and end users work together to deliver an innovative solution.

New high definition plates are making their presence felt in the marketplace, but experience shows us that the ink manufacturer, plate manufacturer and printer converter all need to work together to make these new systems work to the standards regularly maintained by the flexo industry today.

Everyone in the chain, from the designer to the end user needs to understand the importance of colour and how it is used, which is critical for the sales and marketing of brands and essential for tomorrow’s stand-out packaging.

EFIA Debbie Waldron-Hoines

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