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Geared to Gartech

National Adhesives has launched a synthetic emulsion adhesive for corrugated case manufacturers who have invested in Gartech adhesive application technology to increase productivity and profitability. Super Lok 485 has been developed in conjunction with Gartech to give clean machining, accuracy of application and versatile adhesion for a wide range of carton and corrugated board stocks. The result is said to be higher production speeds, less downtime and reduced waste.

The new adhesive is suitable for Gartech wheel applicators and those manufactured by HHS, Kaymich, Valco, Cincinatti, as well as contact slot nozzles and spray systems. It is said to provide low viscosity with excellent rheological properties for a more accurate application pattern.

National has also developed a range of labelling adhesives that meet the challenges of corporate social responsibility and the practical needs of the brewing and bottling industries. The latest is Eticycle 850, used predominantly with PET bottles. This adhesive is said to disperse in the hot, caustic water used for washing, and does not contaminate the resultant PET flakes during the recycling process.

While traditional hotmelt adhesives used for labelling of PET bottles give only a 12-30 per cent removal from the bottle after recycling, National Adhesives claims that with Eticycle 850 this is increased to up to 89 per cent, ensuring clean PET flakes are collected out of the recycling process, so there is no discolouration of new PET bottles.

Alternative to cationics

A specially formulated UV curable adhesive for laminating a wide range of substrates has been developed by Pulse Roll Label Products. TurboLam is said to be approved for the production of labels for milk and juice packaging, where protection from scuffing and tearing are critical. The adhesive has also been formulated to offer long term protection against yellowing of the packaging.

Managing director of Pulse Roll Label Gary Seward remarks: “The current market shortage of cationic adhesives is fuelling the sales of Turbolam, a free radical alternative that closely matches the bond strength of cationic technology. We are seeing customers successfully using it for many applications that typically used the more expensive cationic process.”

Sales manager Alan Day adds: “TurboLam gives superior bond strength for OPP laminating of paper, board and a wide range of plastics films. Insufficient bond strength can lead to product failure anywhere down the production and application chain. TurboLam is formulated to provide a strong bond with minimum lay-down of adhesive and with properties that maintain a high level of flexibility in the packaging material for onward processing.”

Hot stuff from Henkel

New from Henkel is Technomelt PS 8739, a multipurpose hotmelt adhesive for food and packaging applications. Said to have good adhesive characteristics on non polar surfaces and board even at low temperatures, it cuts well at higher speeds and is therefore suitable for highly varied applications in the food industry.

Another innovation is Technomelt PS 8440 – a hotmelt for reclosable applications in the fast growing market for wet wipe packs. According to Henkel, it has good initial tack and is also suitable for highly transparent reclosable labels. Low noise opening and outstanding reclosure performance on many substrates are claimed, making the new adhesive an alternative for many tasks that have only been possible until now with solvent or UV based products, the company states.


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