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ICE Europe, from 8-10 November 2011, has a new venue in the Munich Trade Fair Centre, where it will occupy Halls B5 and B6. In addition to innovations in machines, accessories and systems for coating and laminating, drying and curing, treatment, slitting rewinding and finishing, this year’s show has been extended to include flexo and gravure printing

Among the exhibitors, Alpha Converting is exhibiting its Alphatwin slitter rewinder with pickup shaftless unwind, automatic knife and core positioning, and powered unloading. The Alphatwin range of shafted centre winders can be supplied with working widths of 300-3,000mm, and in different configurations for packaging films, labelstock and special products. Also on the stand will be an Alphaspool RSM – an offline spooler primarily used by converters in niche markets and startups who need to create spooled rolls from pancake rolls. Hall B5, stand 840.

Böttcher’s new Vita roller covering range is dedicated to low-migration packaging production. Vita-elastic roller coverings are specifically tailored to the demands of packaging processes – from the production of the raw materials (foils, films, board) to converting and filling. Hall B6, stand 518.

Exopack Advanced Coatings specialises in the development and manufacture of precision coated papers, films and speciality substrates for medical, imaging, electronics and optical technologies. The company is an independent manufacturer of high quality films, coatings and laminates, as well as a contract coater and laminator. Hall B6, stand 454.

The latest slitting and rewinding machine from Goebel is the topslit for large rolls. Its special design is said to allow processing of papers at high running speeds into small rolls (40mm) of “outstanding quality” with a large winding diameter. Hall B6, stand 540.

An advanced alternative to conventional laminating adhesives is to be presented by Henkel. The new Liofol Fast One LA 1640-21 one-component adhesive contains no free isocyanates and no primary aromatic amines. Time-consuming migration measurements can be dispensed with, the company states. The extremely short curing time of the laminating adhesive is said to provide customers with a significantly higher flexibility. Hall B6, stand 230.

The new StraDex t6 – 60 thin film sensor from Isis sentronics measures thin coatings – for example, silicon dioxide – or adhesive coatings, independent from the substrate material down to 0.3 micron, inline as well as offline, wet or dry. The StraDex f2 – 80 detects multilayers up to 200 micron total thickness under ‘rough’ production conditions. Hall B5, stand 938.

UK rubber and polyurethane roller manufacturer Just Rollers is to launch the Ultra Dynamic Plus high speed roller covering. This is said to be a “unique“ polymer development which provides products with high heat resistance, high abrasion resistance and “market leading resilience”. Hall B5, stand 945.

The new calvasmart corona treater is to be presented by Kalwar. This “ultra-compact” system is said to be extremely versatile and particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises in the film and foil industry, due to its excellent price-performance ratio. Hall B5, stand 831.

Kampf will present new service products with “high customer value” and the new, flexible Microslit Con narrow cut slitting machine. Hall B6, stand 510.

New coating technologies for increased environmental protection and a greater reduction of production costs are promise by Kroenert. They include nano-layer applications at 45nm, thick coatings with a coating weight tolerance of 1%, and energy-optimised dryer and material waste reducing winding programmes for the company’s coating and laminating machines. Hall B6, stand 210.

Mink-Brushes will be exhibiting its range of web spreader rollers, offering machine builders an “extremely reliable and competitively priced” alternative to traditional banana, grooved rubber or slatted rollers for smoothing webs. The Mink web spreader roller is said to produce an excellent spreading effect not matched in other systems. Crease-free spreading right to the very edge of the web without marking or folds “is guaranteed” with Mink BSW technology. To make the spreader roller even more efficient, Mink has recently developed a new middle segment with two-directional bristle design. This has a stabilizing effect for sensitive webs; dipping in the centre when spreading thin or warm webs is prevented. Latest addition to the range is the BSW-PP for tight spaces, such as in the manufacture of incontinence products. The BSW-PP is suitable for web widths of up to one metre. Stand 1046, Hall B5.

The FIS 1000 web inspection system from Realtime Application Measurement features new CCD-line cameras with a high pixel rate and a high line rate for detecting minute optical defects in a material surface. A modular concept provides for different pixel frequencies from 2,048 pixels at 72,000 lines/sec, 4,096 pixels at 37,000 lines/sec and 8,192 pixels at 19,000 lines/sec. Together with LED light technology, this concept is said to offer 100% control for the detection of optical defects in opaque or transparent materials. Hall B5, stand 1242.

A new product line-up from Rofin-Baasel Lasertech, the StarPack series is said to comprise solutions for every kind of laser application in the packaging industry. Whether it is cross web/free form scribing, web direction scribing/perforation or both, with the StarPack CW, StarPack WD, StarPack AP and StarPack Pouch there is always an optimised set-up, the company promises. Hall B5, stand 841.

Rotomac’s new 145s G rewinding machine has been prepared to take a new embossing unit to produce micro-embossed foil rolls in one single step. Hall B6, stand 261.

Roto Swiss Tech develops and manufactures vacuuming and ventilation systems. There is a new modular vacuuming machine range, and the range for surface cleaning and dust removal has been further developed and optimised in terms of energy consumption, aerodynamics and electrostatics. Vacuuming systems for edge strips, crushing ofsubstrates, filtration and recirculation of purifi ed air complete the product portfolio. Hall B5, stand 871.

Starfoil produces 400-1,620mm wide spooling/slitting machines for converting hot stamping foil and various flexible packaging films. At ICE 2011, the company will demonstrate the ValueLine 1300 spooling/slitting machine, an efficient foil cutting system, and a new cantilevered CLC-400 machine, designed to spool or slit 3 inch hot stamping rolls by shear slitting. Hall B6, stand 475.

Systech Illinois will be exhibiting permeation analysers, headspace gas analysers and process gas analysis instruments. The US company’s range includes the recently acquired Lyssy and PermMate products, which offer precision oxygen and water vapour analysis of packaging fi lm barriers. Systech’s 7000 range of water vapour permeation analysers utilise the proprietary Coulometric P2O5 sensor, said to be more sensitive and stable than infra-red, and “he primary method for absolute moisture measurement”. Hall B5, stand 1226.

Automatic bag and sack making machines for packaging, shopping and boutique bags, and all accessories for soft loop handle, patch handle, shoppers, bottom welded, open-mouthed, isothermic, vacuum, courier bags, biodegradable and laminated fi lm bags are the speciality of Timec. Also available are slitter rewinders and cutting machines. Hall B5, stand 1238.

The Tresu Group will present its product range for the flexo printing market – from inline printing units covering a wide range of possibilities, to ancillaries that include new chamber doctor blade technology, together with ink supply and drying systems. Hall B6, stand 476.

Wandres micro-cleaning provides systems to clean web surfaces effi ciently within production processes. Due to its compact design, the new Web Sword Brush WSB can be easily integrated into printing, fi nishing or cutting lines, the company states. Even electrically charged plastics films can be cleaned before printing with the patented Ingromat micro-moistening system. Hall B6, stand 591.

A core segment at Windmöller & Hölscher is CI flexo and gravure presses for printing paper, film and laminates. The range of applications can be enhanced by integrating inline systems which, when combined with the proper equipment, can be used for coating and coldseal applications. For high-end laminations of fl exible packaging materials, W&H offers the cost-effective, solvent-free Varicoater LF. W&H subsidiary, BSW (Bag Solutions Worldwide) in Vienna manufactures the ecoTex, an economical line for coating and laminating woven polypropylene. Hall B5, stand 1028.

Exopack manufactures high quality films, coatings and laminates Exopack Goebel’s topslit processes papers at high speed with ‘outstanding quality’ Goebel Mink’s web spreader roller is said to produce a spreading effect not matched by other systems Mink ‘Excellent price-performance ratio’ claimed for Kalwar’s corona system Kalwar Inline laminating unit on a W&H Heliostar gravure press W&H

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