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A cool collection – part 2

More of the exhibits to be seen at next month’s ICE Europe 2011– International Converting Exhibition (8-10 November) in Munich

Specialist in machinery for the production of thin metal foils Achenbach is presenting its new Optifoil foil slitting machines. With a modular design for optimum adjustment to customers’ requirements, they will slit monofoils, laminates, nonwoven, adhesive and non-adhesive materials, as well as metal foils. Hall B6, stand 351.

Ashe Converting Equipment will be exhibiting the Sapphire S2 duplex slitter rewinder. The UK manufacturer will also present its range of automatic turret slitters, inline turret winders and primary/secondary slitter rewinders for film manufacturers. Hall B6, stand 222

The next generation of Titan dual turret (DT) rewinding technology from Atlas Converting Equipment (UK) is said to provide “unsurpassed levels” of productivity, modularity and rewind reel quality. A range of new customer service products will also be introduced for the existing installed base of Titan slitters to support these latest developments. Live demonstrations on a Titan dual turret slitter will include processing of a printed film substrate and will focus on important improvements in design flexibility, slitting productivity and rewind reel quality. Other new features include reduced power consumption and enhancements in sustainability with a reduced carbon footprint. Stand 291, Hall B6.

Visitors to the Beta LaserMike exhibit will learn how the LaserSpeed encoder helps converters “accurately and consistently” measure the length and speed of product during production. The laser-based system is used in paper, film, foil, and other material converting processes that involve continuous length measurement, cut control, post-cut length, differential speed, and position control. A direct replacement for error-prone mechanical contact encoders, its higher measurement accuracies and tighter process controls, give converters a number of production efficiencies and bottom-line advantages, the company claims. Hall B6, stand 456.

Bimec will display its latest duplex turret slitter rewinder, the TCA/64-C. The machine on display will be configured for streamlined production and reduction of downtime. Features include automatic knife positioning, automated rewind roll unloading system, automatic tension control, a programmable touchscreen control system, and redesigned ergonomic operator control panel. The TCA offers maximum rewind diameters of 600mm and will incorporate an integral shaftless unwind stand with a maximum roll diameter of 1,000mm. Stand 966, Hall B5.

BST International will offer consultancy, communication and information about its products for web guiding, video web inspection, 100% print defect detection, automation and colour measurement in coating and converting. Visitors will gain an overview of all the possible applications of each system, particularly the economic and production-optimizing benefits in daily practice. Live demonstrations will feature the CLS Pro 600 and EMS 23 (web guiding sensor and actuator), PowerScope 4000 and Super HandyScan 4000 (video web inspection), Shark 4000 Lex and Shark 1000 Lex (100% print defect detection). Hall B6, stand 257.

Visitors to the stand of German manufacturer of machinery for cutting paper and plastics cores Adolf Brodbeck will see the Multi-ID Cutter UNI-1000, a new model for cutting cores without requiring any setup. Hall B6, stand 364.

Automatic log slitters and log winders for adhesive tapes, foam tapes, plastics films, cloth, nonwovens, paper, and fibre reinforced tapes are to be p-resented by CMC Cevenini. Hall B6, stand 223.

Specialising in custom-built machinery, Delpro designs and manufactures equipment for the converting, packaging and printing industries. The UK-based company will be co-exhibiting with German agent Fasnacht and have on show its carbon fibre chamber doctor blade and high precision knife-over roll coater. Hall B6, stand 320.

Manufacturer of speciality web converting and packaging equipment Delta Industrial will be running a live demonstration of an integrated inline web converting and packaging system. This will show a variety of processes such as island placement, tight tolerance diecutting, vision inspection and heatseal pouching. Hall B6, stand 495.

This year’s show heralds the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of two UK web converting machinery manufacturers. Double R Controls and Henderson Engineering, who between them have over 60 years’ experience in the supply of machinery to the industry, are merging to form a new company called Double R Henderson, which will form part of the Double R group of companies. Hall B6, stand 296.

Highlight of the Drucktechnik Bloss exhibit is to be a new upgrade for the InkControl 3000-IIplus ink consumption metering system, including a new surface for measuring/regulating ink consumption, reduction of residual ink after order completion and quantity calculation. Hall B5, stand 881.

The technical team from Enercon Industries will share new information on Plasma Synergy – claimed by the company to provide “step change improvements” in peel adhesion over any other treatment system. Plasma technology director Rory Wolf says: “We have advanced atmospheric plasma technology into highly economical, production grade solutions that are revolutionising the way converters think about surface treating.” Enercon also offers high definition corona systems claimed to provide high treatment levels from a compact footprint, plus application insurance against backside treatment, pinholing and film wrinkling. Hall B6, stand 384.

Show highlights from Erhardt+Leimer include the new FR52 infrared sensor for speed-independent detection of frayed edges, the new RT4008 colour touch-display for intuitive operation of E+L web guiders; and new intuitive graphical operation for the proven FE5002 colour lens sensor, which is said to detect the most difficult contrasts. Hall B5, stand 810.

A new generation of the EPC extrusion coating die from EDI is said to increase productivity by simplifying changes in product width and eliminating much of the deckle disassembly involved in cleaning and maintenance. As before, the EPC die incorporates a deckle system that can be adjusted to minimise the formation of edge bead. Hall B5, stand 816.

In addition to slitting and rewinding machines for thermotransfer foils, Swiss company Faes now also specialises in the processing of sensitive foils. Its new System Braun range has been developed for condenser foils and battery separator films. The “finest high precision” tension regulation, precise slitting technology and short web paths are claimed for this machine. Hall B6, stand 570.

Haehne’s BZL pillow block web tension bearing combines the common web tension measurement components consisting of web tension pillow block, adapter plates and pillow block bearing in one compact unit. The inner component contains a double-beam technology system with the stated advantages of high accuracy and linearity. Comparable in size to common pillow block bearings, the BZL is available in horizontal and vertical measuring direction form and covers the nominal forces of 100, 200, 500 and 1,000N. Stand 866, Hall B5.

Driven by the changing requirements of winding and slitting applications, Belgian roller covering supplier Hannecard has created Flexolys-Foam, a compressible polyurethane covering offered in several density grades. It is said to improve the dynamic behaviour of rider, support and contact rollers, and prevent nip-related stress defects during high speed winding of very thin and delicate substrates. To reduce vibrations during high speed winding of BO film, the company has developed DuoStar-AS, a double-layer covering for contact rollers, composed of a soft and highly dampening base layer and a high abrasion-resistant polyurethane outer layer. HanneResist-DL is the first polyurethane covering quality for direct load ESA gravure printing, while HanneRelease can be used to increase the lifetime for nip and back-up rollers, combining high release and high abrasion properties with good electrical conductivity. ClearCoat-AS, a clear coloured antistatic rubber covering range for winding and/or slitting food grade and high purity films will also be displayed. Stand 136, Hall B6.

Next generation HiFlow enclosed doctor blade systems are to be introduced by the US manufacturer Harris & Bruno. Hall B6, stand 519.

Specialist in ball lock type differential rewinding shafts IES will show the latest, patented Twist friction ring for 3 and 6 inch cores, available in unidirectional and bidirectional versions. Hall B6, stand 453.

Laem System is set to install the latest prototype of a generation of shrink film centre-folding machines, the DCF4, in Canada. This follows successful development of a range of machine prototypes manufactured to customer specifications in Switzerland, France and Germany. Unlike the company’s existing single-folder models, the DCF4 performs two subsequent folds and a longitudinal slit in the same job. It is able to hold shrink film reels of between 1,200-2,500mm width on a turret unwinder, carry out a first and a second folding according to pre-set values, divide the material and wind the reels on two independent shafts. Laem says this machine is capable of performing jobs that would normally be assigned to three separate machines: a slitter rewinder for shrink film and two single-folders. Hall B5, stand 858.

The new generation of Mahr’s MarMax series of meter mix dispensing machines for use in the flexible packaging converting industries are custom made and can be equipped with fully automatic drum pump supply systems. Hall B6, stand 654.

ICE Europe will see one of the first showings of the enhanced version of Meech International’s Tornado contact system. Aimed at label, digital and carton printers, the Tornado is available in two versions — the F4 and F5 — featuring compact extraction or vacuum fan extraction, respectively. The F4 is capable of single-sided cleaning of webs up to 1,650mm wide and double-sided cleaning up to 750mm. The F5 will clean single and double-sided webs up to 3,900mm. Both versions utilise highly-polished stainless steel faceplates, twin ionising bars to neutralise static on entry and exit, and brushes to aid breakup of the boundary layer. Stand 896, Hall B5.

The SR710 NIR (near infrared) sensor was developed by NDC to measure thin organic coatings on metallic substrates. Attached to an NDC Accutrak electromechanical scanning frame, the SR710’s precision measurement data is processed with the positional information from the frame to create a coating profile display on the screen of the NDC 8000TDi or Pro.Net TDi control system. The measurement profile can also be generated in zone format and used in closed loop or semi-automatic systems, to enable adjustment of the coating machine roller, line speed and other parameters. NDC says users have observed an instrument precision of ±0.1g/m² and the SR710 has completely replaced the former routine weigh-wash-weigh method of sample analysis. Stand 1006, Hall B5.

A variety of trials and new developments have been made successfully at Olbrich’s new pilot plant. On the 550mm wide, modular coating line, substrates can be printed or coated with a range of function layers. On the 1,000mm wide embossing and laminating line, compounds can be produced in ‘real life quality’. Hall B6, stand 430.

Paramelt will use the Munich event to introduce a range of Aquaseal alternatives to vinyl-based heatseal lacquers for lidding and foldwrap applications, together with appropriate primer systems, which can be applied via a wide range of conventional coating techniques. The ‘revolutionary’ new Aquaseal technology platform for aqueous polymer dispersions was developed in collaboration with Dow Chemical. The process enables the supply of thermoplastics, such as PE, PP, EVA, and Surlyn, in aqueous dispersion which were previously inaccessible as water-based coating materials. Paramelt says this technology offers “exciting possibilities for creating innovative packaging structures providing access to novel coating materials with differentiated seal, barrier and resistance characteristics”. Hall B5, stand 946.

Rotary converting and laser processing will be demonstrated by Preco-Europe. The comany’s rotary converting platform (RCP) offers diecutting, laser cutting and laminating all in one pass. The RCP is designed to combine the capabilties to meet a converter’s existing production requirements with the versatility to be easily adapted to accept new process applications. Stand 236, Hall B6.

Claiming to be Europe’s largest contract winder, ProSpool is exhibiting for the first time at ICE 2011. “We believe that many companies want to benefit from the productivity gains that spools can provide, but are often disinclined to do so because of the high cost and the specialised skill set required to run the machinery,” says managing director Richard Hobson. “Our low cost proposition is simple – try us and see if spools work for you.” ProSpool has six dedicated multihead winding machines producing thousands of spools every day. Hall B6, stand 180.

Policoll Holmer Knäbel is planning to show a modified spreader roll for the first time. This features a middle part that is no longer fixed, but runs together with, and at the same speed as the roll itself. The company says that even foils with a delicate coating can be processed without the risk of marking. Hall B6, stand 457.

Vetaphone says its new plasma treatment system requires no major investments in new equipment: the quick-change cartridge system means it is merely a question of changing the corona cartridge for a new plasma cartridge. “Many of our clients have expressed concerns whether to invest in plasma equipment at the moment, especially as the effects are mapped only for a small number of materials,” explains Vetaphone’s Jan Eisby. “The plasma cartridge has significantly lowered both the cost and time to implementation, and made it possible for manufacturers to make last-minute decisions to invest in plasma equipment.” Hall B5,stand 845.

Sustainability in Packaging – Processes and Materials will be the topic for the technical conference organised by Fraunhofer Institute IVV to run alongside ICE Europe 2011 on Wednesday 9 November. The topic will be presented from several different aspects such as material reduction, inline process control for waste reduction, improved process with less energy consumption and new materials from renewable resources. For details email ??????

Foil slitting is Achenbach’s forté Achenbach Bimec showing its latest slitter Bimec New system to be demonstrated by Delta Delta Industrial Extrusion exhibit by EDI EDI Hannecard’s foam prevents nip-related stress defects at high speeds Hannecard Doctor blade development by Harris & Bruno Harris & Bruno Meech has made a new Tornado Tornado Olbrich’s new pilot plant Olbrich

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