We hope you’re curious about what the Nike net worth is, because we have the answer right here. It’s big. Really big.

If thinking of a sports brand, there is one that comes to mind above all others. With their simple swoosh, and exquisitely simple yet ridiculously effective ‘Just Do It’ tagline. Everyone knows who you mean without even having to say their name. (Because, let’s all be honest here, nobody can agree on how it is pronounced. Does it rhyme with bike? Or, does it rhyme with spikey?)


Nike was founded back in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. The company was then known as Blue Ribbon Sports. The new name change came in to play in 1971, after taking inspiration from the Greek God of Victory. Granted, that victory and sports go hand in hand, it was a pretty ingenious name.

Nike’s humble roots date back to Phil Knight’s time on the track team at the University of Oregon. Knight would then sell and distribute Japanese Onitsuka Tiger running shoes out of the back of his car.

When the decision was made to make their own stock, the very first Nike shoe prototype was made in a waffle iron! Even though I’m sure they tasted foul, these rubber waffles started the duo on their journey to success.

Currently, Nike is proving they are still one of the most important brands in the world. The multinational corporation has grown substantially over the last half a century and is now the most valuable sports brand in the world.

Nike currently holds around 62% of the athletic shoe market, which makes them tower over all of their other competitors put together! In 2016 it was revealed that (after a quick calculation from their Q1 sales) Nike sells 25 pairs of trainers every second. Seriously, does the world that many shoes?

The Nike brand alone is worth a stunning $16 billion!

The Nike sponsorship deals are one of the most sought after deals in the industry. Sports stars and teams such as Tiger Woods, Serena Williams and Chelsea FC are all proud to display the infamous swoosh logo on their apparel.

With the astonishing figure of $27.8 billion, Nike’s annual revenue is bigger than that of some small countries!

So what is the Nike net worth?

The enormous figure of the Nike market Cap comes in at $100.1 Billion!

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