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Brand Info

  • Founded in 1998
  • Over Twenty Years
  • All 50 States
  • One Million Businesses


  • Leading provider of online document filing services
  • Offers an easy-to-use, full-featured online business name formation
  • Features available as add-ons for lower-priced LLC package
  • MyCorporation provides managed annual report services at no extra cost.

About the Brand

Are you looking for the best service to help you start an LLC? MyCorporation is a popular business formation service in the United States that helps its clients simplify the start-up process. This review describes MyCorporation, how it compares to others on the market and popular alternatives. 

The MyCorporation review explores whether the firm is a good deal, or if there are better deals based on services offered. It also describes the experiences of other customer reviews using MyCorporation. Read on to determine if MyCorporation could be the right business formation firm for you. 

MyCorporation is an LLC formation company that offers online document filing services. For more than 20 years since its establishment, the firm has been helping firms with affordable products to help them protect and maintain the legitimacy of their businesses. It helps small businesses and real estate investors looking to incorporate into limited liability companies.

It is a leading provider of business formation services, helping clients with LLC formation and management. The firm is designed with a variety of features for different needs. Some of the MyCorporation features include copyright registration capability, trademark searches, registered agent services, operating agreement, and DBA registrations among other services. 

The company has served more than 1 million businesses since its inception in 1998. Many of the firm’s customer feedback have rated it highly for professionalism. MyCorporation review helps clients with everything needed to form a company. This includes the process initial formation to dissolution if necessary, with a range of additional services available.

MyCorporation’s Advantages

The firm has one of the longest histories in the industry with nearly impeccable customer reviews and a proven track record. The reviews MyCorporation firm has a five-star Google rating based on 147 customer reviews and an equal rating on  

Customer feedback has praised the personal consumer service of the company, including the helpful and knowledgeable people. However, if you want a value-oriented business name to start your LLC, there are other deals available for lower prices.

Some of the advantages of MyCorporation include:

  • The excellent customer support offered by email or phone 
  • Customer service is a major advantage for MyCorporation as seen with impeccable customer reviews
  • MyCorporation provides many extra services such as income tax and unemployment insurance assistance
  • The company offers some financial services that most competitors don’t offer, including optional add-ons to business formation. This includes assistance with income tax and unemployment insurance for employees.
  • There is an annual report for your first year included in the standard, deluxe, and premium packages.

MyCorporation LLC Formation Packages

MyCorporation-Packages-and-Pricing -1

Like other business formation firms on the market, MyCorporation offers a variety of LLC formation packages that come in multiple tiers. These packages include basic, standard, deluxe, and premium. 

The packages at the lower two tiers don’t come with as many offers as the other packages. For example, deluxe comes with one year of registered agent services that include all their offerings. On the other hand, the Premium package offers the best value as it comes with a year of MyCorporation’s subscription-based filing fees service known as MaintainMyBiz. 

Basic package

The basic package on MyCorporation is priced at $99 plus the state fee. This basic is a bare-bones package that includes services such as document storage, name availability search, and articles of incorporation. It will create your information documents and submit them to the state government for official processing. This package is designed for people who need the documents necessary to start an LLC and can easily pay state fees. 

Standard package

MyCorporation standard package costs $124 plus state fee, which comes with the state filing fees alongside other features. The features of this standard package include annual report service, bylaws, minutes, and waivers. The firm will track your annual report’s due date, prepare and file your report before the deadline.  If you need an annual report for your first year with ongoing compliance requirements, then this is an ideal choice.

Deluxe package

The Deluxe package includes everything from the standard package with a lot more other features.  Its additional features include registered agent services where the firm receives your document deliveries, scan and forward them as necessary.  Deluxe is the first tier that offers registered agent services from MyCorporation. Its cost starts at $224 plus state fees. As such, it is the first package to consider when looking for LLC formation service.

Premium package

The premium package on MyCorporation costs $324 plus state filing fees, which includes everything from the other packages. This is a robust package that builds on the deluxe offer while adding the MaintainMyBiz services for one year. MaintainMyBiz is an annual subscription service priced at $250 per year when you purchase separately. The MyCorporation premium package is designed for those who expect to have ongoing filing needs.

MyCorporation LLC Service Brand Review

In this section, we provide an in-depth analysis of MyCorporation’s brand score. We look at ratings in terms of overall value, cost value, customer service, and ease of use, and included features.

MyCorporation offers great experience setting up your corporation with registered agent service. They have one of the best customer support you can find whenever you need help with the business formation packages. The friendly staff is true professionals that are easy to work with when needing help. Furthermore, the firm will help your business become more efficient at a great price.

Is This Brand Right For You?

MyCorporation is a good choice for businesses that need more than incorporating documents. For example, it offers assistance with business insurance, stock, and member certificates, payroll, and similar aspects of running a business. The firm offers affiliate commissions on its programs when you become an affiliate.


MyCorporation is a good business formation firm ranked among the middle-tier formation services. Most of the packages have fair prices for their packages included, with excellent customer support and ease of use. However, the registered agent service is only included in the deluxe and premium packages, while its pricing may be high compared to other options available.

Cost value

The firm is not one of the cheapest options you can find around. MyCorporation has non-discounted pricing that nearly doubles the most affordable companies offering LLC services. Therefore, the price may not be affordable, but fair if you are looking for a comprehensive solution that goes beyond formation. The prices for additional services are also nothing compared to other firms.

Customer service

MyCorporation offers top-notch customer service that has been described as exceptional. The customer care representatives account for many of the positive MyCorporation reviews. Particularly, the majority of internet reviewers mention the specific people on MyCorporation they worked with, with the most reviews eliciting a direct response from the company. With this firm, you can access customer service representatives by email or phone. 

Ease of use

MyCorporation website comes with a logical layout and clear forms for ease of use. The site is intuitive to make sure you can easily access different services without complaints. Even with all the available elements on MyCorporation, it is still easy to search and find what you need on the website. Overall, the firm has a strong track record with ease of use that makes it easy to trust.

Included features

MyCorporation LLC formation has limited standard features in the formation packages, which is why its rating is lower. There are different packages, with the most affordable LLC  package having limited features. For example, you will not get the registered agent services with the basic package. The company offers an annual report for your first year describing all the packages available, except for the lowest-priced LLC package.

2 Top MyCorporation LLC Alternatives


ZenBusiness is an excellent choice for business owners looking to form a Limited liability company with reasonable prices. It comes with a variety of features including registered agent service, trademark searches, EIN, and operating agreement among others. The firm offers free compliance for annual report filing alerts, and a worry-free CPA assessment in its basic LLC package to help with business taxes.


Incfile is an LLC formation service offering better customer support with low prices. Some of its advantages include a fast and easy checkout process and a quick order turnaround. You can file your LLC documents on Incfile as soon as possible within one business day. Incfile is one of the most reliable LLC service options with features such as EIN, annual report filings and operating agreement. Incfile doesn’t offer any hidden state fee or automatic renewals.

MyCorporation’s Disadvantages

  • The pricing is one of the disadvantages of MyCorporation LLC. Their $133 basic plan with a $99 shipping fee is fairly expensive considering the features you get from the basic plan. This pricing is higher considering other firms are offering more robust features in their basic plans with $90 or less.
  • The registered agent service is not included in the lower LLC package
  • It is not BBB accredited
  • When compared to competitors, MyCorporation’s plans lack multiple standard features such as business license compliance or EIN registration service. You may need to pay an extra fee, which could significantly affect the final cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the notable features of MyCorporation?

MyCorporation offers a yearly business maintenance service for $250 per year called MaintainMyBiz. Once an LLC or incorporation has been forced, MyCorporation will help you manage all the features of your new LLC with its business management service. You simply select the filings needed for your business and they will organize and file them when ready.  You can choose from 16 products and services or customize your packages to meet your business needs.

How much is MyCorporation’s registered agent service?

The registered agent service with MyCorporation LLC formation is available for $120 a year. If you decide to select the Deluxe or Premium plan, then you will get one year of registered agent service included that will auto-renew annually.

What are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of MyCorporation?

The biggest advantage of the MyCorporation is the inclusion of their managed annual report service in all of their service packages. The site is also easy to work with when filing fees for business formation. Their biggest disadvantage is the exceptionally high shipping fee charged for mailing several sheets of paper.

If I use MyCorporation, which features should I purchase?

The company requires that you purchase formation and registered agent service when opening up a company. With this, the best MyCorporation package is the deluxe package because it offers your LLC or incorporation service and registered agent. You will also get a year of annual report service with this package including state fees.

Does MyCorporation help with ongoing compliance requirements?

MyCorporation offers an option to set up any company for compliance into the future. The firm is particularly a great way to set up your LLC to ensure the ongoing compliance and good standing of your business. It includes a registered agent and managed annual report services.

What is MyCorporation’s refund policy?

MyCorporation has a refund policy that is not exactly clear and straightforward. However, you have up to 60 days to request a refund from the company. The company will assess reprocessing state fees depending on whether you ordered any physical products or if you required changes on documents. 

Do I need to use a formation service?

It is common for entrepreneurs to form businesses on their own, but it is more professional and helpful to work with an LLC formation company. The firm can help you form a business with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Furthermore MyCorporation offers affiliate commissions to interested members willing to work with them.

Does MyCorporation offer publication services?

Different states may require that you publish your company’s information or publications for LLCs and corporations. MyCorporation doesn’t offer any level of assistance in publication with this requirement. However, it has requirements for state filing fees when applying for business formation.


MyCorporation is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a service for LLC formation. Based on reviews, it is a good choice if you need more than just incorporating documents or getting a registered agent. With MyCorporation, you can get a host of offers compared including tax id filling and EIN if you have the budget, having served more than 1 million businesses.

There are lots of excellent MyCorporation reviews and the inclusion of annual report service. Most of their formation packages are a welcome feature if you have a budget. The overall MyCorporation review haa some advantages and disadvantages. While the company offers excellent customer experience and optional extras, their prices look like they are too high, especially when you factor in the shipping fee before delivery.

The lowest-priced package does not have registered agent services, compared to competitors that offer exceptional services at an affordable price.

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