As one of the world’s most desirable brands, the Mercedes-Benz net worth is among the highest in the car industry. However, it hasn’t all been plain sailing for parent company Daimler AG.

Bad press is the kryptonite of the business world. No matter how powerful a company may be, one wrong decision can have severely detrimental effects. For many, one controversial report can spell the end. For others, it can wipe billions of pounds off of their value.

Given Mercedes-Benz’s past, it’s incredible that they remain one of the world’s biggest brands.

Mercedes-Benz net worth

The German car maker played a huge role in World War II, working with the Nazi party to produce cars, as well as aircraft and tank engines. 40,000 slave labourers, held in concentration camps, completed much of the work.

Yet, while Mercedes cannot escape its horrible past, it hasn’t all been bad. The company has helped massively to develop the car market into the $1.7 trillion industry that it is today.

The Mercedes-Benz story

Mercedes-Benz’s roots date back to 1886, when Benz created the ‘Benz Patent-Motorwagen’, which is widely regarded as the first ever car. The bicycle-like vehicle could reach speeds of 10 mph.

It wasn’t until 1926 when the company was officially founded. The company was born out of a merger between Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler’s car companies. With the German economy struggling after the First World War, they felt that they would have a better chance of survival if they worked together.

Despite agreeing the deal, the duo never met. However, their new company would go on to become one of the biggest in the car industry.

While their part in WW2 could have derailed the luxury car brand, they have since sold more than 25 million cars and continue to sell a record number of vehicles each year.

Mercedes-Benz net worth

What is the Mercedes-Benz net worth?

Mercedes’ parent company Daimler AG is currently the world’s second biggest car maker. While Toyota leads the way by a huge distance, Mercedes still boasts an incredibly high value.

Having seen the Mercedes-Benz net worth double over the last five years, the company’s market cap now stands at €70.44 billion.

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