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SCHNEEBERGER® - Manufacturer of Linear Technology


Schneeberger Linear Technology - About

SCHNEEBERGER® Lineartechnik is a leading figure in the field of linear technology.

Our product and manufacturing range includes linear bearings, profiled linear guideways, measuring systems, gear racks, slides, positioning systems and mineral casting.

SCHNEEBERGER serves equipment manufacturers, operating in various industries worldwide, such as machine tool, solar technology, semiconductor technology, electrical engineering, medical engineering and many more.


Linear technology in medical and electronic industries

High precision linear motion technology allows miniaturisation of electronics. It is difficult to imagine our everyday lives without the existance of integrated electronics components, as they all at the core of our smartphones, sat-navs and credit card readers.

The scale of development in electronic communications technologies is incredible, and SCHNEEBERGER has made a remarkable contribution to these advances.

Thanks to high-quality linear motion technology, it is possible to place even the smallest components reliably, rapidly, with extreme precision onto carrier strips and attach and weld the micro-thin wires from the integrated components extremely close together.

Miniature bearings

Our miniature bearings allow customers to achieve the most significant density of components on their circuit boards, and make the production process faster, more precise, and therefore more economic. They produce real added value for the electronics and semiconductor industries and its end customers.

Our miniscale miniature products feature an integrated optical measuring system, too. This combines the two core functions of guiding and measuring within the smallest footprint.

Customer benefits of miniature bearings

  • Low cost construction
  • Minimal footprint
  • Fast installation and set-up
  • Consistently high level of accuracy
  • Long lifespan

Click here to watch our video.


Linear bearings - Used to increase life expectancy

Linear bearings increase the life expectancy of both machines and people.

Whenever devices and machines need to make highly dynamic and precise linear movements, linear guides with the integrated FORMULA-S cage control system meet these requirements. As such, FORMULA-S ensures that the cage, which is supported by frictionless bearings, is guided reliably in the centre of two rails. Linear bearings play a vital role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tumours. The more precise the movements, the more meaningful the tomography images, x-rays and tissue probes. This in turn, produces more accurate diagnosis.

FORMULA-S is also a key component in the electronics sector. The technology is so mature that we now supply the world’s leading manufacturers of wire bonders. SCHNEEBERGER also occasionally integrates customer-specific products.


The customer benefits of linear bearings FORMULA-S

  • The cage is always centred, despite any application-specific influences (such as uneven load, high acceleration, installation orientation, temperature variation)
  • No time lost due to corrective adjustments, resulting in very high MTBF and MTBR
  • Selected preload has no effect on the control system
  • Long lifetime due to selection of materials and rack profile
  • Supports vacuum applications to 10-7mbar


Contact details:

St. Urbanstrasse 12
4914 Roggwil
Phone +41 62 918 41 11
Fax +41 62 918 41 00
Email: [email protected]

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Gear Racks

Gear racks are preferred also with dirty environments and/or big axial forces. The stiffness is the same over the whole length. SCHNEEBERGER offers any cross-section up to module 16 with metric or module pitch, with helical or straight gears.

The maximum single piece length is 3000mm, multi-piece butt jointed rails for longer lengths are warranted. The teeth can be milled or ground, according to your wish. Interesting are the various hardening processes, depending on the applying load. Weak, inductive hardened or case hardened gear racks are available. This results in the following advantages for…

Integrated Measuring System for Distance Measurement for Guiding and Measuring in a Very Small Footprint

Distance measurement for guiding and measuring MINISCALE PLUS is based on the proven miniature guideway MINIRAIL. As a result, the guidance-technical specifications of miniscale also comply with MINIRAIL.

The range includes eight rail widths which can be combined with up to four carriage sizes. Our new short carriage version (order code: MNNS SC) is the best choice for restricted installation space. Features and benefits No extra space required The ready-for-operation system guarantees easy assembly Distance measurements do not need to be adjusted. This…

Integrated Measuring System for Distance Measurement

SCHNEEBERGER's integrated measuring system for distance measurement can be used on all protected machine tool axes, with high demands on system precision. The different types are available in various sizes with an array of carriage types.

Features and benefits A reading head for all dimensions - reduces storage and repair time Interfaces with popular controllers (SIEMENS, FANUC) Integrated, high-precision measuring scale No additional installation space required Cost savings in terms of design, production, logistics and commissioning Reduced lifetime costs of your machine Short replacement times and streamlined stocking of spare parts…

Mineral Casting

SCHNEEBERGER's mineral casting is tailored to suit the needs of every customer.

When it comes to situations involving extremely dynamic yet very precise movements, mineral casting is the ideal technology for base construction, with clear technological, economic and ecological advantages over steel or cast iron. Combining linear technology with mineral casting offers unbeatable customer benefits. Why choose SCHNEEBERGER's mineral castings We are a leading global manufacturer of…

MINIRAIL - The Range of High-Precision Miniature Guideways

MlNlRAlL represents the latest generation of miniature guideways for sophisticated applications. MINIRAIL displays extreme precision and reliability in every application.

The design, material selection, and surface of the SCHNEEBERGER miniature guideway finish of the recirculation element and ball entry zone guarantee low pulsation and therefore a smooth ride. The range includes eight rail widths which can be combined with up to four carriage sizes. Features and benefits Highest process stability at speeds of 5m/s and…

Precision Positioning and Motion Systems

We tailor our complete positioning systems to meet customers' individual needs. We are also able to control complex motion systems with great precision, thanks to our great level of engineering expertise.

Competence SCHNEEBERGER positioning and motion systems offers custom-made total solutions of the best quality and reliability. Consumers can enjoy the five beneficial key competitive advantages SCHNEEBERGER offers: 1. A solution for the specific customer problem 2. Fast and flexible development 3. Guaranteed fast and reliable supply 4. Guaranteed quality that is consistent and highly profitable…

Profiled Linear Roller Guideways MR with Rollers or BM with Balls

MONORAIL profiled guideways are used in many machine tool applications, all over the world, because of its trusted, guaranteed precision. A widespread product programme is covering the requirements, from small manipulators to heavy chipping processes. The profiled linear guideways are available with rollers or with balls.

Customer benefits of MONORAIL with rollers and MONORAIL with balls Simple, versatile lubricating options Guide rails up to six metres in length, equalling reduced number of butt joints and installation costs Purpose-built accessories The MAC cover strip proves itself in all installation positions Installation of the additional wiper, without removing the carriage Rail fixing holes…

Frictionless Tables

Our slides are famed for bearing the following attributes:

High accuracy Reliability Excellent operating characteristics Linear bearing available with balls or rollers For decades, these tables have been celebrated for delivering the highest degree of accuracy, reliability and the best in operating characteristics. Preloaded anti-friction guideways make these tables absolutely playfree. Click here to watch our video. Product link Product catalogues Product catalogues

Linear Bearings

SCHNEEBERGER linear bearings are well-known for delivering the following:

Extreme precision Reliability Impeccable operating attributes A wide range of different linear bearing are available with balls, rollers or needles, all of which provide high accuracy, with extremely low friction movement. The cage assist FORMULA-S completely fulfils these requirements in terms of productivity and economic efficiency. It is extremely robust, easy to assemble and consists…
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Integrated Measuring System Guarantees Exact Travel Distances

For over ten years, Schneeberger has been developing compact, integrated distance measuring systems for its monorail guideways and today, sets...
2nd October 2015

New Profiled Guideways Shine with the Four S’s

Schneeberger's high precision Monorail MR roller guideways are used worldwide for a broad range of mechanical engineering applications: from simple...
2nd October 2015

New Carriage Types Expand the Range of Applications

The Monorail BM profile rail guideways have been an important component of the Schneeberger product range for many years. Now...
2nd October 2015

Extended Range of Services and Materials

The Schneeberger competence center for mineral casting in Cheb in the Czech Republic has been developing and manufacturing sub-assemblies from...
2nd October 2015

Linear Bearings – Standard or Customised

Schneeberger linear bearings always stand for high-quality. The company covers numerous fields of application thanks to its wide range of...
2nd May 2014


MINIRAIL profiled miniature guideways by Schneeberger are certainly small in terms of dimensions. However, in practice they have a major...
10th December 2013

MINISLIDE Micro-Frictionless Tables

Where maximum precision and processing reliability are required in minimal space, the MINISLIDE miniature tables offer outstanding solutions. These new-generation...
10th December 2013
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