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Helvoet - Engineering your Competitive Advantage


Helvoet - About

A global player in the field of precision rubber and plastic components and assemblies. Their main markets are automotive, industrial, food tech and pharma.

Established in 1939, Helvoet is internationally active in co-design, co-development and co-manufacturing of advanced rubber and plastic packages, assemblies and devices for medical applications. They manufacture devices for insulin testing, point-of-use diagnostic devices, self-test devices, disposables, syringes and dispensers.

Their value proposition is built on three pillars.

1. Value Added

Helvoet adds extra value to the precision components it manufactures. This can be automated assembly of devices, customised packing, functional inspection or logistic services. They design customised manufacturing processes for customer products.

2. Innovation

Helvoet’s has the capability to design and operate high-yield manufacturing processes for any innovative product. By making their expertise available to customers they contribute to an open innovation process for the development of new applications. They pick up any challenge in this area.

3. Reliability

Using black-belt and lean methodologies Helvoet constantly strive to improve process yield and machine usage, and minimise cost at the same time. This process is under intense management attention, and Helvoet constantly invest in the training of staff. Their staff show great involvement and live the quality image of Helvoet, which makes them a respected and appreciated partner for many industry leaders.


Helvoet serves customers worldwide and is located in:

  • The Netherlands (Hellevoetsluis, Tilburg)
  • Belgium (Lommel)
  • Pune (India)
  • Singapore
  • Detroit (USA)


Helvoet (Tilburg) B.V.
Centaurusweg 146
P.O. Box 4224
5004 JE Tilburg
the Netherlands
Tel: +31 13 547 8600

To view the Helovoet Corporate Movie please click here

Quality Assurance

All Helvoet processes are tightly monitored. They constantly watch the operating parameters of the injection moulding equipment, Helvoet perform 100% in-line size measurements using laser- and vision technologies, they perform off-line sample measurements. Helvoet achieve process capabilities (Cpk) of up to 5 for millimeter range dimensions!

Helvoet's staff is trained to constantly monitor deviations from standard conditions. These can be colour variations in the product, but also noise variations in the equipment. Any change from the ordinary is immediately reacted upon. Thus they are able to manufacture high volumes of product with extremely low reject rates, which is beneficial in terms…

Precision Injection Moulding

Helvoet manufacture precision injection moulded components in rubber, thermoplasts and thermosets. They operate in the high end of the market, manufacturing tightly tolerance components, using 2K technologies, and using robotized product handling to avoid damage.

Helvoet has tight quality controls around the moulding processes, so to ensure product quality and consistency against minimal costs. Any process deviation represents a cost and a possible delay in delivery, therefore they aim at eliminating such deviations, however small it may appear.


They acquire and store all raw materials and half products for customers, and monitor stock levels. Helvoet store finished goods for our customers and supply FIFO. Also they hold and manage stock of different product variants, e.g. for different countries/languages.

Assembly, Filling, Packing, Testing

They design automated production lines for the assembly of devices, filling of devices, packing products in customised trays or carriers and testing of devices. Helvoet provide statistical data and full traceability information with each manufacturing batch, if required on RFID tags.

It is Helvoet's strength to integrate discrete process steps into a total assembly line, which runs reliably at high yields. Their supply reliability in terms of quantity and quality regularly reaches 100% level over extended periods of time. They engineer your competitive advantage.

Co-Design and Co-Development

Helvoet is usually involved from an early stage of the design process. Thus they can use their vast experience in injection moulding processes and product assembly processes right from the beginning of the new product development project.

This way it is ensured that the products can be manufactured against minimal costs and with a maximum reliability. The benefit for the customer is a better control of the new product development budget, and a better time-to-market. They engineer your competitive advantage.
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Helvoet and Axxicon Collaborate on Microfluidics

Helvoet and Axxicon are collaborating in offering a strong package for customers who require millions of injection moulded microfluidic parts.
17th March 2015
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