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Nuvilex acquires pancreatic cancer treatment technology

Nuvilex, a provider of natural products, has acquired pancreatic cancer treatment technology from a company that provides living-cell encapsulation technology.

The technology involves the targeted delivery of encapsulated living cells that are capable of delivering and converting standard inactive chemotherapeutic cancer drugs (pro-drugs) into active, chemotherapeutic (cancer-fighting) drugs directly to the pancreatic tumor.

In addition, this technology allows for the use of overall lower pro-drug doses which decreases the overall body exposure to toxic agents, yet with greater clinical effect.

The technology delivers the final active cancer-fighting drug, namely the encapsulated pro-drug-converting living cells, to the pancreatic tumor site.

It spare surrounding tissues and organs and decreases exposure of the entire body to the active cancer-fighting drug.

Additionally, it also reduces the occurrence of typical problems such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and rash, that often occur with standard cancer drug use.

Nuvilex CEO Robert Ryan said the acquired technology allows oncologists to deliver live cells capable of creating localized high levels of chemotherapeutic drugs within the pancreatic tumor itself while minimizing the serious side effects often associated with such cancer treatment.