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Ingen Receives Purchase Order For New Oxyview-Nasal Cannula

Ingen Technologies, Inc has received a purchase order from MedOx Corporation for 40,000 Oxyview-Nasal Cannulas."This is a positive indication that the new Oxyview Nasal Cannula is attractive to oxygen suppliers on a global basis," stated Thomas J. Neavitt, Chief Financial officer for Ingen Technologies.

The Oxyview flow meter first launched in November 2007 represented a new generation of pneumatic real-time safety devices. It features are, accurate to within plus-minus 3% and versatile enough to work with all respiratory equipment CPAP, concentrators, liquid and gas cylinders, on-demand conservers and more. It is not gravity-dependent so can be placed at any point in the tubing. It can be placesd by the patients themselves also. The device beong so close by for easy viewing gives the patient assurance and confidence, knowing that there is a flow of oxygen at the correct level. They can even check if the regulator or concentrator is not working properly.

Other benefits are that company manufactures the reusable Oxyview device which retails for $24.95 and comes with a life-time warranty. The company also manufactures a new disposable Oxyview Nasal Cannula for children, adults and infants. This device sells for $5.75 and is a quality soft-tip cannula. The infant device measures either from 0-6 liters/minute or from 0-3 liters/minute in increments of one-quarter.

The importance of this new device is that it encompasses the flow device within a cannula, the flow meter cannot be removed and the entire assembly is disposable. And most important is the response from patients. They are very pleased with the Oxyview and report that it meets their need to be reassured that oxygen is being supplied when and where it matters most.