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Health Canada medical device license issued for FlowAid’s FA100 SCCD

The device treats many circulatory disorders of the lower extremities and prevents many complications. It introduces a breakthrough in sequential compression therapies and may be a good alternative to the standard pneumatic compression therapies, which create external pressure, and discomfort to the leg. Patients have enhanced quality of life as they have complete mobility during treatment and can continue their normal daily schedules.

The FlowAid FA100 SCCD is a portable and handheld easy-to-use 4-channel device that produces a sequence of muscular contractions through four electrodes placed on the skin of the lower limb.

Three user selectable settings control the frequency of contractions as they pass through muscle tissue for different treatment protocols. Contractions are distal to proximal (from the feet to the head) and compress the vasculature in a peristaltic wave motion forcing the emptying of the deep veins of the lower limb.

Because of increased circulation in the main and peripheral areas, deoxygenated blood is removed, and oxygen and nutrient rich blood are delivered to the extremities allowing the natural healing process to begin.

Medical conditions that can benefit are:

Peripheral Arterial Disease

Chronic Venous Inefficiency

Chronic Ulcers and Wounds such as Diabetic Ulcer


Prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis

Peripheral Neuropathy & Pain

Other conditions resulting from reduced blood circulation in the extremities

Studies and evaluations are currently being conducted in major medical centers in the UK, Belgium, UAE, Kuwait, India, Austria, and Singapore with others planned.

Three clinical papers recently published about the product are: (in title) “…Hypoesthetic Diabetic Foot” in Medical Reports and Case Studies 2016, (in title) “…Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease” in Journal of Novel Physiotherapies 2016, and (in title) “…Popliteal Venous Blood Flow” in Angiology 2016.

Two more studies have been accepted for publication in Journal of Vascular Medicine and Surgery and in Journal of Vascular Diagnostics and Intervention.

FlowAid CEO Jacob Brezel said “We are thrilled to receive the Health Canada License just four weeks after receiving the European CE Mark. We are in final preparatory stages for submitting our application to the FDA for clearance in the United States market.”

FlowAid Medical Technologies Corp. was established in 2015 in New York, USA. After years of multidisciplinary R&D it has brought its flagship product to market.