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Frisco ISD Uses OxySure Systems’ OxySure Model 615 To Treat Four Students In Medical Emergencies

OxySure Systems, Inc. announced that the Frisco Independent School District (FISD) has already used the OxySure Model 615 on four occasions during the first month of implementation says Scott T. Freeman, Vice President of Operations.

Having potentially saved four lives in its first month of implementation, only solidifies the FISD school board’s decision to purchase and install the OxySure system in our elementary, middle and high schools including the need for the thermal bags for our athletic trainers, field trips and other off campus activities. The safety of our students is our main concern in FISD, says Doug Zambiasi, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services.

It was a life saving event for one student, says Wakeland High School Nurse Angela Naughton. If the student hadn’t responded immediately, I was going to call 911. The student in question had an asthma attack at school and had forgotten their inhaler at home. Nurse Naughton acted quickly while waiting for the parents to deliver the inhaler. As a parent with an asthmatic child we know the life saving qualities of an inhaler and the benefits of implementing oxygen during an attack, says Cheri Dickerson. We are also very impressed that FISD has implemented the OxySure Model 615 throughout our school and the district. The OxySure Model 615 is safe, easy-to-use portable oxygen system that uses two dry, inert powders to generate medical oxygen quickly and safely. Wakeland High School has four wall units installed next to the Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

During the first month of use by FISD Athletic Trainers the OxySure Model 615 has been used three other times. It has been used twice by Liberty High School’s trainer. I have used my portable unit twice, once during an asthma attack after cross country practice and another during a freestyle wrestling match where a student dislocated an elbow, says Joseph White, a FISD Certified Trainer. A student came in the office with blue lips after cross country practice. I immediately grabbed my OxySure bag, put the oxygen mask on the student athlete and turned the knob. The student immediately got color back in his lips. If we hadn’t had the OxySure product I would have called 911 immediately, says Jason Barnes. One of our student athletes dislocated their elbow during a wrestling match. The student was showing signs of severe shock and distress and knowing that oxygen should be administered for shock, I quickly grabbed my OxySure system. The student stabilized and his breathing quickly improved.

Frisco High School Trainer, Jason Barnes has also used the Model 615 during warm-ups at an away high school soccer playoff game. The student had an asthma attack during warm-ups and I never go anywhere without my OxySure system. I quickly treated the student and after just a few minutes the patient showed vast improvement. We didn’t win the game but we saved an athlete from further complications.

I believe we have some of the best trainers in the country. And for them to have used the OxySure product three times in the first month says a lot to me, says Coach K (David Kuykendall), FISD Athletic Director. The FISD has always done everything it can to benefit the students, from being one of the first districts in Texas to install AEDs, to testing our student athletes for steroids and drugs. The OxySure Model 615 has potentially saved four lives and I only hope other schools and school districts around the nation can benefit from our experiences.

OxySure is pleased to have such a great partnership with FISD, and we look forward to working with other educational institutions in the same way. Saving lives by empowering FISD to administer medical oxygen safely in emergencies is why we are here, says Julian Ross, founder and CEO of OxySure Systems, Inc.