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Blood Cell Storage launches SAFE Sens IVM device in US

US-based medical device provider Blood Cell Storage has started shipping its SAFE Sens IVM (in vessel monitoring), a novel new approach to monitor pH in closed incubator for in vitro fertilization.

The SAFE Sens (sterile, automated fluoroscopic evaluation) system is used by embryologists and clinical staff as an optical fluorescent measurement device.

The new system will be used along with a disposable sensor, which contains a proprietary fluorescent dye that is pH sensitive, to accurately and reliably measure the pH of small volumes of fluids such as the media used in in vitro fertilization.

Every lot of sterile sensors will last six days and have a pHID code supplied by the manufacturer, which is used to tell the SAFE Sens device how to specifically interpret the fluorescent measurement for each lot of sensors into a pH value.

The SAFE Sens system uses qc1 quality control standard, which shows the device has a known fluorescence value and it performs the optical fluorescent measurements properly.

SAFE Sens IVM will alert the user and automatically make an adjustment to bring the system back into control when the value is outside of the acceptable bounds.

Blood Cell Storage CEO Russ Aldrich said the company’s early customers are validating that pH monitoring and control is key.

"We’re hearing over and over that pH control is a requirement for achieving better ART outcomes," Aldrich added.