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Marketing Director Steven Kaufman Featured on Drug Delivery Partnerships Podcast

SHL press release 

To help attendees and other interested industry experts get a better understanding regarding some of the topics that will be discussed during the event, DDP invited Kaufman to participate amongst a series of podcast to highlight the areas he will focus on during his talk.

Below is a snippet of the podcast:

When you look at the trends in drug delivery, what is of most interest to you?

Steve: The increasing demands for auto injectors is obviously one of the most interesting areas that I’d like to focus on. But also the fact that several companies without prior device experience are now getting involved in this field, which is of course something to look at. Many new drugs are actually coming in an injectable format and companies are faced with the challenge of how their patients will administer these new medications. In my talk I will mention the trend of home use as being a real driver to developing intuitive devices that are easy to use and carry…

What recommendations would you share with biopharmaceutical companies that are getting more involved the drug delivery arena, with devices such as auto injectors, pen injectors and so on?

Steve: I think a lot of the biopharmaceutical companies are already on the right path. They have terrific teams in place and they’re certainly moving in the right direction. I think information and sharing of information is one of the key things I would highlight, the importance of setting up cross functional teams as soon as possible, spending time every year to get to know the different players in the device field, continuing to visit production facilities and meeting with staff, old staff and new staff as time moves on…

To listen to the full podcast and access the full transcript, please visit the Drug Delivery Partnership page here.

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