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Hard Ceramic Material PIC144 for Even Better Ultrasonic Performance

Uniform and stable

High-power ultrasound applications are characterised by a high dynamic range, from several hundred kilohertz up to a few megahertz, as well as by high operating amplitudes. Especially during continuous operation, the key thing to achieve is to have stable oscillation properties with low mechanical and di-electrical losses, i.e. generating as little heat as possible in the converter element.

PIC144 features a large electromechanical coupling factor with a high quality factor, as well as exceptional mechanical and electrical stability.

Independent of time and temperature

At the same time, the converter properties of the new material are virtually independent of time and temperature, rendering them suitable for high-power applications.

PIC144 is suitable for use in ultrasonic cleaning, in materials processing, i.e. ultrasonic welding and bonding, or in ultrasonic processors. Sonar technology, acoustic methods for non-destructive materials testing (NDT in short), biotechnology applications such as scalers for removing tooth plaque, or the ultrasonic processes involved in ultrasonic surgery, all benefit from the properties of the new material.

PI Ceramic in brief

PI Ceramic is considered a global leading player in the field of piezo actuators and sensors. The broad range of expertise in the complex development and manufacturing process of functional ceramic components combined with state-of-the-art production equipment ensure high quality, flexibility and adherence to supply deadlines. Prototypes and small production runs of custom-engineered piezo components are available after short processing times. PI Ceramic also has the capacity to manufacture medium-sized to large series in automated lines. PI Ceramic, a subsidiary of Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG, is located in the city of Lederhose, Thuringia, Germany.

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New ceramic material PIC144 for even greater ultrasonic performance