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Extended Range of Services and Materials

schneebergerWherever dynamic and precise movements are called for at the same time, mineral casting is the ideal material for designing the frameworks. It delivers not only impressive technological, economic and environmental benefits but also cost savings of up to 30 percent compared with steel, grey cast iron or iron castings. Its outstanding vibration damping, chemical resistance and thermal properties impress not only users in the machine tool industry, but also in the medical devices sector, in the solar technology, electronics and packaging industries, as well is in many other branches of industry.

The plant in Cheb in the Czech Republic, is Schneeberger’s competence center for mineral casting. Since 2007, components made from this material have been designed, produced and processed there. In the meantime, the range has been extended from the supply of individual components to complete sub-assemblies.

schneebergerSchneeberger takes on the manufacture of small and large parts, integrates connecting elements and supply lines and also sensor and measuring technology, depending on the customer’s requirements. The customer receives complete sub-assemblies and assemblies which are ideally adapted to the relevant kinetic requirements – fully equipped with linear guideways, electronics and sensor systems, as well as linear drive motors or other drive units.

This enables the customer to concentrate on his core competences. He benefits from less procurement work and optimized logistics as well as simplified production scheduling and shorter lead times. Finally, the Schneeberger range of products and services gives him a more cost-effective assembly process and thereby reduces costs overall.

techcon®: the new casting material

A further cost benefit is delivered by the new casting material, techcon®, which Schneeberger offers as an alternative to mineral casting. This likewise cold curing material is not based on epoxy resins but on a special cement mixture which, however, has similar physical properties. This means that the E modulus is between 40 and 45 kN/mm2, the damping is extremely good and so is the thermal stability. The material is corrosion-resistant and not very sensitive to the effects of oils, coolants or a number of other chemicals.

The difference to mineral casting lies primarily in the lower manufacturing costs. Moreover, techcon® is especially suitable for linear/straight parts which are usually cast in wooden molds. This also enables prototypes and small batches to be produced at low cost. The wall thicknesses of the castings are adapted to the required rigidity – and if required, optimized through FEM analysis. Even thin walls up to 40 mm can easily be produced. Steel strips and sockets can be cast in and can be subsequently machined. Precision parts can also be made by grinding. techcon® also delivers very good surfaces that can be painted in any desired color.