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For years, the innovation leader in Tuttlingen, Germany, has been successful in eliminating all bulky air deflectors, racks and fans from the incubator, thus reducing potential contamination surfaces to a minimum. And it is precisely this feature that makes BINDER CO2 incubators so popular everywhere that best growth conditions, efficient use of space and reliable sterilization are required.

Minimizing the risk of contamination

The main problem when growing cultures are germs that can take hold inside the incubator and negatively affect the samples. In the worst case, germs can even lead to the loss of cultures. With the ANTI.PLENUM DESIGN, BINDER has been able to reduce the probability of contamination in the inner chamber of the incubator by a factor of three.


The core of the Series C and CB CO2 incubators is a seamless, deep-drawn inner chamber made of one piece with characteristically large, round corners. The machine-polished stainless steel surfaces remove any proverbial "reason to exist". Because large-surface racks and freestanding fixtures such as ventilators are consistently avoided, contamination finds nowhere to nest or grow.

Economical and efficient

The importance of decontamination in incubators is evidenced by the fact that most manufacturers have their own technical decontamination solution. While some swear by gassing with hydrogen peroxide, other manufacturers rely on HEPA filters or UV lamps. However, to ensure the full potential of these solutions, they have to be replaced at regular intervals. Depending on the solution, that can cost laboratories between 120 and 1500 euros per year. These are expenses you can avoid using BINDER incubators that do entirely without any consumables for the entire life of the product.

BINDER CO2 incubators are not only cost-effective in terms of the ongoing costs of decontamination. Thanks to their smooth surfaces and easy-to-remove fixtures, the effort to clean BINDER CO2 incubators is also reduced many times over. Compared to incubators from other manufacturers, you can save up to 4.5 working days in every 14 days of cleaning.

Better use of space

In addition to their minimal contamination surface, BINDER CO2 incubators also distinguish themselves by their large shelf space. Instead of air baffles and racks that steal shelf space, BINDER incubators have a shelf support system integrated seamlessly in the deep-drawn inner chamber. In combination with the removable water pan and the consistent absence of bulky fixtures, the usable space in BINDER incubators is increased by 25%.

Better use of space

Specifically, that means BINDER CO2 incubators exhibit the best shelf space to volume ratio compared to incubators from other manufacturers with the same interior volume. While models from other manufacturers with a volume of 150 liters have 0.188 m2 of shelf space, BINDER CO2 incubators have 0.219 m2.

Hot air sterilization at 180 °C

To protect samples from contamination, BINDER incubators are sterilized at 180 °C, the only incubators on the market that use this internationally recognized method that has been established in practice. This method uses no chemical agents and distinguishes itself above all by its ease of use. The internal fixtures do not have to be removed for sterilization at 180 °C.
This proven effective automatic hot air sterilization routine meets all international guidelines. And the best of all? Compared to other decontamination methods that take up to 25 hours, sterilization at 180 °C is the fastest, simplest and safest solution that takes just 12 hours.

Hypoxic conditions

Basic research on hypoxia sensing, signaling and adaptation requires stabile and reproducible O2 levels, quick recovery times and cost-efficient gas consumption. In conjunction with O2 control, all Series CB CO2 incubators ensure optimal physiological and pathological conditions and are also up to complex cultivation experiments or individual growth environments under hypoxic conditions.

Uniform growth conditions thanks to the VENTAIR™ air jacket

BinderAll BINDER incubators have a gas mixing head with venturi effect standard and are equipped with patented APT.line heating technology. The patented VENTAIR™ air jacket in combination with the proven Permadry™ system ensures all-round, uniform heat transfer. BINDER also offers the powerful APT-COM monitoring software that can network and manage up to 30 laboratory devices as well as external gas tank replacement. With BINDER Individual, customers with individual requirements can also get their ideal solution.

Advantages of the ANTI.PLENUM DESIGN at a glance:

  • Smallest possible contaminatable surface
  • Best shelf space to volume ratio
  • No costs for HEPA filters, UV lamps, etc.
  • Shortest temperature recover time
  • Least possible air movement

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