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McDonald’s net worth has been ‘super-sized’ by global reach

Whether it’s McDonald’s, McDona’s or Makudonarudo, everybody knows the famous Golden Arches. Due to their global reach, the McDonald’s net worth is incredibly high.

Alongside Coca-Cola’s famous script and Nike’s Swoosh, McDonald’s Golden Arches are one of the most iconic logos in history.

In fact, more people can identify the McDonald’s logo than the Christian cross. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that the fast food chain has 36,000 stores in 119 countries and feeds 1% of the world every day.

McDonald's net worth - Compelo

The McDonald’s business blueprint: 3 key strategies

Whether you’re lovin’ it or not, it can’t be denied that McDonald’s have built one of the biggest brands and best restaurants of all time.

But what strategies were used to take McDonald’s to the top?

Reach every corner

The world’s biggest cities are littered with the chain’s stores. It’s not odd to find two McDonald’s within minutes of each other. In fact, you can never be more than 107 miles away from a McDonald’s in the US.

As a result, you are never too far from a McDonald’s, where you know exactly what you’re getting and the price you will pay.

McDonald's net worth - Compelo

Put the ‘fast’ in fast food

Part of McDonald’s appeal is the convenience of it. The burger chain has a limited number of options. This means that customers waste little time looking at the menu prior to placing their order. Most know what they want before they enter the restaurant.

Likewise, the McDonald’s production line is incredibly fast, due to the limited number of options. Food is cooked before the order is placed and customers can walk out (with food in hand) in minutes.

Target the young

While controversial, McDonald’s became a global phenomenon by targeting the young. Using bright colours, quirky characters and the lure of a free toy with their Happy Meals, the fast food joint quickly became every child’s favourite eatery. As a result, 40% of children ask to eat at McDonald’s each week.

While McDonald’s have faced plenty of backlash for their part in causing the obesity crisis, they have built a hungry army of people that continue to buy 75 burgers every second.

McDonald's net worth - Compelo
Flickr/Jason Ippolito

McDonald’s net worth continues to climb

Despite recent efforts to curb the unhealthy fast food chain, the McDonald’s net worth is higher than ever. They still ranks as the world’s biggest restaurant chain and revenue has shown no signs of major decline.

With over 75 years of history behind them, the McDonald’s market cap stands at $125 billion.

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